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Weaning – Baby Eggy Banana Bread

Weaning – Baby Eggy Banana Bread

I am always looking for different ways to introduce new flavours and keep Florence’s diet as varied as possible.  For us here, breakfast is a really big focal point in our day and without a good filling meal Florence just does not compute! I thought […]

What’s next?

What’s next?

If you have been following my instagram stories lately, you’ll know that I am about to be made redundant from my role as a marketing assistant. If I am completely honest, it has come as a bit of a relief as I had been feeling increasingly […]

Where we started with weaning

Where we started with weaning

We are now into our fourth month of weaning Florence and I for one am absolutely loving this journey,a nd so is Florence. We controversially weaned Florence early, at four months. It wasn’t a decision I took lightly, but I did do my research and to me, Florence was showing all of the signs of being ready for food so I trusted my instincts and started off very slowly. We took quite a different approach to weaning compared to a lot of other parents I know.

For the first few weeks we kept it very simple. Once a day – normally in the evening – she’s have a portion of Cow & Gate baby porridge to which I always added extra milk to to make it easier for her little tummy to digest. We quickly moved onto to the Heinz flavoured baby porridge (sunrise banana or apple) in a bid to start introducing some flavours.


After about three weeks, we introduced a second meal at breakfast time. She would have porridge for breakfast & then an Ella’s Kitchen pouch for tea at around 5pm. The Ella’s Kitchen range are split into stages, and the stage 1 pouches are suitable from 4 months – their super smooth with no lumps! We would try another flavour every three days (to eliminate any allergies!) and while she prefferred the ones with apple in,  she loved them all!IMG_3930

When she reached five months, we very tentatively introduced some finger foods under very watchful eyes! Mainly for her to suck on to soother her teething gums aside from anything else. She had her first tastes of a raw yellow pepper and a cucumber stick around this point, but they weren’t actually eaten and we stuck to rusk biscuits until she hit 6 months. She’d have one while we ate lunch mostly as I really think meal times are important family time and it kept her entertained while we ate.WEANING PIN

I am going to do a whole series of posts on where we went from there, but thought I’d share this little insight into our early weaning adventures as I know we’ve been asked quite a lot about how we introduced food into our daily routine with Florence. Throughout all of this, we maintained the same routine with milk too.

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PLUS a whole heap of recipes! 

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Nod Pod Baby Blanket Review

Nod Pod Baby Blanket Review

There are just some products that, as a Mama, you swear by. Today I wanted to tell you all about one of my all time top baby essentials, a product I take with me where ever we go and that is the Nod Pod Baby […]

8 Reasons we LOVE our Shnuggle Baby Bath (and why we think every new baby should have one!)

8 Reasons we LOVE our Shnuggle Baby Bath (and why we think every new baby should have one!)

As a busy Mum I am always so thankful when I discover a product that makes the every day tasks we face as easy as possible so that I can make the most of my time with my baby. Our Shnuggle baby bath is one […]

Our BIG Baby Must Have’s Giveaway

Our BIG Baby Must Have’s Giveaway

I’ve got something quite special to share with you today. As a thank you for all of your continued support and for coming over here and reading my ramblings I am working with some amazing brands to offer you the chance to win a huge bundle of our favourite baby products worth £500! I’ve carefully selected items which we have personally used and LOVED with Florence every day and that will see you through that first year with your little one.

Over the next month, I will be sharing my thoughts on each and every single one of the items up for grabs in a blog post so be sure to check back each day to

So without further ado, here is everything you could win!

Bath Time

Shnuggle Bath in Grey (Read my review here)

Original Cuddledry Apron towel in cream (Review coming soon!)

Johnson & Johnson’s Skincare bundle

Pampers Nappies New Born

Bed Time

Gro Egg.2 (Review coming soon!)

Gro Snug in Lions & Tigers (Read my review here)

Ewan the Dream Sheep


A set of Zippy Large Muslin Swaddle Blankets in Grey (Review coming soon!)

Milk Monster (Read my review here)

MAM Anti Collic Baby Bottle

Hush Cush Nursing Pillow in a Colour of your choice (Read my review here)


Bumbo Baby Seat (in Aqua or fuchsia)

Messy Me Designs Tunic Bib in your choice of fabric (Review coming soon!)

Our favourite Ella’s Kitchen pouches

ON the go

My Buggy Buddy Clip

Play Time

Lamaze Octivity Time

Two Little Birds Wooden Teether Set

Fisher Price Learn with Me Zebra Walker

Hape Little Red Bus (Read my review here)

Hape Sea Animals Rattles

That’s Not My Puppy book

Halilit Rainbomaker

Two Little Bears Teether Set

Snuggle Time

Poddle Pod Package with Insignia Cover (Read my review here) 

Nod Pod Baby Blanket (Read my review here.)


Handmade leggings & bear heat from Blue Bunny Boutique (0-3m)

2 pack of pyjama’s from George at Asda (0-3m)

£15 Boots Mini Club voucher

For Mama

My Expert Midwife Spritz for Bits 

Truly Happy Baby by Holly Willoughby

So, fancy bagging this amazing bundle of baby swag? Here’s how you can enter! All you have to do is follow the instructions in the RaffleCopter below.

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Super Speedy Slimming World Pasta Bolognese

Super Speedy Slimming World Pasta Bolognese

I’ve been doing Slimming World for just over four months now and while the recent holiday period might have seen me go a little bit over the top with the Christmas chocolates I am so impressed with the results and I am really enjoying the whole […]

Creating a work-at-home environment that works for me

Creating a work-at-home environment that works for me

So it looks more and more likely that rather than returning to my day job when maternity leave ends, I’ll be working from home for myself. No final decisions have been made, nothing official, but the way things are going it would seem I will […]