William, you’re 11 weeks old

William, you’re 11 weeks old

Oh William, it seems second child syndrome has already set in and I’ve not written a little update for you since you were 5 weeks old! You’re now 11 weeks and oh my goodness, you have grown.

You truly are a little ray of sunshine, Laid back and happy to just go with the flow which is just as well as things get a bit manic here with your big sister who pretty much rules the roost just lately. We have got ourselves into a bit of a routine now and are generally up and out the door to go wherever we are going by around 10am and you seem quite content to just go with it.

Everywhere we go, we are stopped in our tracks by people (mostly old ladies) amazed by your head of thick black hair. ‘Look at all that hair!’ And I explain each time that it really is naturally that ‘sticky up’ and pings back up if we try and flatten in down. It’s become quite the talking point.

You are such a happy little thing and gave us your first giggles at just 8 weeks old. Apparently our wake up call from Tilly was hilarious! You continue to find those silly dogs funny and along with your sister they get all your best smiles as they run around all day.

You are so super duper strong and can hold yourself so well but when it comes to tummy time you just aren’t interested. You get so cross if ever I lay you on your front to play and sometimes roll over on to your back all by yourself. I will keep trying!

You love your food! While day time feeds have slowed down a little, our evenings are spent feeding you every two hours until bedtime. You just can’t seem to get enough!

When it comes to sleep, you’d still much rather snooze tucked up on mummy’s chest. During the day you generally sleep on me or in the carrier while we are out, However 9 times out of 10 providing you’re not poorly (you’ve had a rotten cold and a mysterious 24 hour fever this last few weeks), you do settle yourself to sleep in your snuzpod after your last bottle. Your sister never did that so it always surprises me when you drift off of your own accord.

In short, young man, you’re really quite wonderful and I’ve a feeling you’re going to have me wrapped around your little finger for the rest of time.

Love you, little boy. To the moon & back.

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