William is One!

William is One!

And just like that my squishy little sunshine boy has turned one! Little boy, I feel like you have taught me so much over this last year. You are genuinely the funniest, cheekiest little person I have ever met. You light up a room and steal the hearts of everyone you meet. 

I am actually torn between utter disbelief that you’ve already been here for an entire year and not quite believing that you are ONLY one year old. You are almost the same size as your sister who is 20 months older than you and in you 12 months of life you seem to have hit every milestone at 100 miles per hour.  You are already running, jumping and climbing everywhere at every opportunity. You have had four hair cuts, have 9 teeth, can say 8 words already and frankly are keeping us on our toes at every turn! 

You are such a cuddly boy and love to give great big open mouthed kisses and cuddles – sometimes with so much force that you actually knock me over from sitting. You still sleep in my arms and wake me in the morning by snuggling in close. 

While Mummy is the one you turn to for snuggles and comfort, Daddy is definitely the person you turn to for play! Most likely because he can throw you in the air a lot higher than I can! You seem to be a bit of an adrenaline junkie and love being in the air or upside down. You run to him when he gets home from work and demand he picks you up immediately. 

You are such a boogie baby! You would happily spend your days dancing away to whatever Alexa has to offer. You love to play musical instruments and we recently started back at Music Mayhem which is basically your favourite hour of the week! 

You can finally now roam free when we go to the park and take full advantage of the space and opportunities to chase any passing child or dog! Your climbing skills really come into their own. You love climbing up the steps to the bridge and just stand there laughing once you reach the top. You find the swing hilarious. 

You and Florence are quite the double act. You get up to so much mischief together and honestly, I feel I may have to be on my toes for many years to come with you both around! You can get on her nerves a bit now that you’re able to reach her toys and don’t quite understand the concept of sharing just yet so believe it or not you can fight like cat and dog. However, you are also the best of friends and have the sweetest little relationship full of cuddles and giggles and pure and simple love.



Food. Basically anything edible.

The Elephants have Wrinkles song


Being upside down!


Paw Patrol

Cups –  you basically hunt everyone’s drinks down and drink / spill them at speed!

Row Row Row your boat


The Run Away game

Mama Snugs

Park Trips



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