The Weekend Blog #3| Bunches, Birthdays & Making Space for Baby

The Weekend Blog #3| Bunches, Birthdays & Making Space for Baby

This weekend was our last couple of days before Sean heads back to work tomorrow and it actually turned out to be a fairly productive one.


It was my sisters birthday on Saturday and and we had all the best intentions of getting up and making her a special birthday cake. In my sleep deprived state though, I totally forgot by the time she’d gone out for birthday breakfast and we ended up heading out to visit Sean’s parents to get a bit of a change of scenery. Florence looked super cute in her little outfit & first ever bunches! Sean’s Mum wasn’t home & his Dad was busy fixing the tap so we played with Bella the dog for a little while before taking a walk around to Sean’s Grandma’s house for a catch up. Florence made her way through most of Grandma’s fruit bowl and snack reserve and loved investigating all her nicknacks and treasures that she has collected over the years. That’s the beauty of a (great) Grandparent’s house isn’t it? There’s always such a lot discover!

After an hour or so we wandered back to Sean’s parents for another little play and another catch up. Once the excitement over Bella had passed again, Out came the toys & Florence really took an interest in the little play house they have there for the first time. We played with the little figures as they drove around in their cars, took baths, ate dinner, knocked on the door and walked the dog. It was wonderful to watch her imagination take over and her get really into early story telling through play.

By the time we left she was exhausted and fell asleep in the car on the way home. She napped until later than normal as we were going out for dinner for my sister’s birthday. Originally we’d booked to go for an Indian, but they’d double booked our table and turned us away! Instead we ended up at good old Frankie and Benny’s. I’m finding it quite hard to fit into any clothes now as my bump just expands by the day, so I pulled out my new favourite maternity top from Pink Blush Maternity and teamed it with some jeans and heeled boots.

The restaurant was packed as it was Saturday night and Florence suddenly came up in a mysterious rash all over her face just as we sat down at the table. That combined with her just being grumpy at having to wait for food nearly meant we had to leave the meal early before actually eating anything but she calmed down after a while and was soon happy tucking into her chicken nuggets, chips and beans. The kids portion was HUGE but she impressed us all by eating the whole lot!


Our plan for Sunday was to get all of the little bits that I needed Sean’s help with done and sorted in time for him to go back to work. We dug out some of the baby bits we had with Florence from storage and rearranged the living room to make way for all of Florence’s new Christmas toys and create a safe space for baby. It took a good few hours to sift through everything and get everything where I wanted it to be, but downstairs is now all ready for little man’s arrival and Florence can get to her things a lot easier now so that’s good.

I’ve listed a few of the bits we won’t be needing this time on eBay and set aside a bunch of things for charity too.

Other than that we all stayed in our pjs all day and just pottered about, getting on with housework and our own bits and bobs between playing Postman Pat & having tea parties with Florrie and her Teddies.

We had a cheat tea of nuggets, chips and beans and then spent the evening playing some more before Florence finally gave in and went to bed! More on our lack of sleep to come in another post I think.

Here we are, back at Monday and ready to start another week and hopefully get back into a routine! I hope you had a lovely family filled weekend.

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