William’s 1st Birthday Party & Christening

William’s 1st Birthday Party & Christening

With Florence’s 3rd birthday coming up next week, it dawned on me that I hadn’t written up William’s first birthday party. Considering he turned one in February, it would appear I’ve been slacking a bit! I think probably a combination of chaos in the lead up and then the arrival of lockdown and such meant that blogging ended up on the back burner a bit. However, I want to make sure I record all of our special days here so I thought I’d catch up and tell you a little bit about how we celebrated our sunshine boy turning one.

We decided to combine Williams first birthday celebration with his Christening. It seemed to make sense as it was important to us to have him christened but we knew it would be difficult to get all of our families together for two separate occasions within weeks. It turned out that the weekend we had chosen was actually the same weekend that storm Ciara hit which in turn meant that we had to have a last minute party venue change two days before!

He was christened at the same church as Florence, me and my sister at the top of our village by our truly lovey new vicar. However we couldn’t use the church hall so instead we held the party at Halling community centre. A much bigger venue but equally as lovely.

One of our lovely friends looked after William and Florence while we decorated the hall and then Sean headed back early to get them ready. Mum, Libby and I might have been ever so slightly late to the church! However we did make it and Reverend Danielle held a wonderful personalised service for William. Who by the way, slept through almost all of it, and woke just in time to scream his way through the actual baptism!

A Peter Rabbit Themed Party

The Decorations

The theme for the day was Peter Rabbit. I’d had the whole thing planned in my head since I was pregnant with him. The hall being so much bigger meant that it was a going to be a bit of a task to decorate it as I had hoped at such short notice but I think we did a good job in the end.

I made two balloon garlands. One wrapped around our backdrop accompanied by a big silver 1 balloon and a Peter Rabbit cardboard cut out. This made the perfect backdrop for photos with family and friends.

The other ran along the centre of the children’s table which also had these cute little homemade bunny lunch boxes on for each of our smallest guests.

We hung bunting around the room and had flowers and vegetables on all of the tables. The favour & cake table was dressed with a little picket fence and some Peter Rabbit toys.

The Entertainment

The very lovely Claire from Music Mayhem came along to welcome the children in and run a miniature session of the music class we love going to every week. She sung some of Florence & William’s favourite songs, brought along props and instruments and stayed on to blow bubbles and play.

I also arranged to have some soft play equipment there which frankly is possibly the best money I’ve spent in a long while. The kids absolutely loved it and were in and out of it all afternoon. Even the older children got involved. It was also Peter Rabbit themed so was perfect for making the room a feel a bit more decorated!

The food

We laid out an afternoon tea for the adults while the children all had a special lunchbox containing a sandwich, yogurt, berries, bunny bites and a little chocolate treat.

I made a Peter Rabbit birthday cake the day before using a shop bought cake from Tesco and then just redecorating it. I shared my Peter Rabbit cake hack here if you want to see how I did it.

We had such a special day

Despite the gale force winds and torrential downpours going on outside, we spent a wonderful afternoon celebrating our William with all of the people we love (even if Florence’s face in most of the photographs tells a different story!)

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