Vital Baby Start Weaning Set Review

Vital Baby Start Weaning Set Review

Like with most things when it comes to a baby, when you enter into the world of weaning there’s a whole lot of stuff out there that you’re constantly told you will need. However, when we started weaning Florence, I was completely unprepared and ended up running out to our local shop and picking up one of everything in the weaning aisle. I’ve used hardly any of it more than once and what I really wish I’d come accross at the time was a bundle of basic essentials. Just like this Start Weaning Set from Vital Babyvital baby

The bundle contains all of the bits you need to get started, especially if like us you are starting with purees and spoon feeding, including an on the go weaning set, 2 mini freezer pots, 2 prep and go pots and a tumbler.

The on the go weaning set is essentially a feeding bowl with a lid and a spoon attached to it. It can be used both at home and while out and about and is perfect for holding pre prepared food safely in your baby bag. I especially like that the spoon attaches to the lid rather than having to go inside the pot and getting all mucky, or if you’re anything like me, getting lost in the bottom of the bag! Now that Florence is more into finger foods, I tend to pack sandwiches or fut up fruit in it, or even sometimes we just use it as a snack box. At home Florence likes to feed herself so we have found ourselves using the Unbelievabowl a lot more than this one as it sticks to the high chair and can’t be thrown around, but for the early weaning days, this worked brilliantly.

Likewise, the prep and go pots are definitely are ideal for use at home and on the go. They have lovely secure lids so are perfect for holding purees or messy foods as well as being the perfect size for snacks.

As I mentioned above, we started weaning with purees, and quite often I made my own and froze them ready for when we needed them. The little freezer pots included in this set are genius and make the whole process so much easier when it comes to actually preparing the purees after they’ve been frozen. You can just take the lids off, press on the little green base and out pops the contents! No more trying to warm up one section of an ice cube tray! I imagine these are also great for Mama’s who are breast feeding and want to freeze some of their expressed milk.

The only thing in this set that we haven’t really had much use out of is the tumbler. For a first alternative to a bottle or breast, it seems quite difficult to get the hang of, and having tried it myself after Florence couldn’t get on with it, you have to suck really quite hard to get anything out of it at all. I think this will be great for Florence in a few months maybe, as it has some great features (no spill for the win, perfect size) but for now we are sticking with another trainer cup.

For £12.49 I think this set is great value for money and perfect for the early days of weaning. You can buy it here, or alternatively each of the items separately on the Vital Baby website.

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