Staying safe in the sun with Soltan

Staying safe in the sun with Soltan

So here we are in  hot sunny Mexico where I am taking full advantage of the gorgeous heat, glorious blue skies and blazing sunshine but that’s not to say that I am not being careful while I am here too.

We picked up this family pack of Soltan sun creams & after sun  in boots for around £14 just before we came away.

It has three different factors included in the pack, 15, 30 and 50 with an additional pot of aftersun to soothe skin after a long hot day of soaking up the rays.image

We have always made sure we take a selection of sun cream factors while away and gently and gradually introduce our skin to the fiercer sun. We have both started off by applying factor 50 for the first few days and then we’ll work our way through the factors as our holiday goes on.

To say I am a bit OCD about sun cream would probably be an under statement. I have always tried to stay protected to reduce the risk of sunburn and damage to my skin cells which could later result in skin conditions.

Soltan has been our families go to sun protection product for 12 years. The range is gentle on our sensitive skin, there is little if any perfume added and it’s always seemed to last well in the water too.

I thoroughly recommend Soltan sun cream to anyone I talk to. I can confidently apply knowing that my skin will be protected and I that I won’t be left with yucky oily skin after use. No more post sun spotty outbreaks!

Any way… I must get back to my sunbed… Cocktails are calling!


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