Reindeer & Snowflake Shortbread Biscuits

Reindeer & Snowflake Shortbread  Biscuits

We’re having a little get together here on Christmas Eve, just a few friends and neighbours, but as we’ve not really done it before, we are pulling out all the stops to make sure everyone has a lovely time.

Today, as Mr & I are a bit poorly with flu & food poisoning, I sat Libby down with a really easy recipe and some photos and sat with her while she made the snowflake & reindeer cookies. It’s so super duper easy, to do and so Ii thought I’d share it with you…

You will need just 3 ingredients to make the actual biscuit; 150g plain flour, 100g butter and 50g caster sugar.

Combine the ingredient in a mixing bowl and make a ball – we added a little extra butter to ours to make it stick.

Flour a surface and a rolling pin and roll out the dough. Using a ginger bread man cookie cutter & a snowflake cookie cutter (£1 for 4 in Poundland!!) cut the dough into shapes, place on a baking tray and bake in the oven at 170 degrees celsius for 12-15 minutes.

Once baked, remove from the oven and allow to cool.

Now for the fun bit! To turn your gingerbread men into reindeer, turn them all upside down. Using some squeezy chocolate icing (again from poundland – £1 for 3) draw on the antlers, ears and a slant mouth. Then using some thick icing (2tbsp icing sugar with 1tsp cold water) draw on two dots for eyes and stick a smartie in the middle for Rudolph’s nose. Finish off the eyes with two tiny dots of chocolate icing and voila!


For the snowflakes, use white icing sugar, or white chocolate to create a a snowflake pattern. Finish with a dusting of caster sugar and some silver sugar balls.


We’re storing ours in a biscuit tin ready to serve on our Christmas tree board on Christmas Eve.

Do you bake for Christmas?


p.s. We’re having some major issues with our Samsung NX 100  camera, and so the photos in this post are a bit naff! Sorry for that. :)


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