Reduced Fetal Movements at 36+5 Weeks Pregnant

Reduced Fetal Movements at 36+5 Weeks Pregnant

Well there really is never a dull moment around here and our little drama baby is definitely living up to her name! After a stressful few days, we ended up on the antenatal ward at the hospital yesterday after our normally super active baby decided she didn’t really feel up to too much wriggling.

I’d been really busy & distracted for most of the day, so when at around 4ish Sean came home from work and I had a lay down while he had a bath I realised that I couldn’t really remember the last time I’d felt her moving around. I could feel where she was – her bum was sticking out of my side, but there were none of the normal pokes and wriggles.

I tried all the normal things that would normally prompt her to move – poked &I prodded, drank a cold drink, laid on my side and once none of those had worked I had a bath. She goes crazy when I have a bath so that was sure to get her going.


As you’ve probably gathered by now if you stop by here regularly, I am a huge supporter & follower of Kicks Count. Having run a campaign to support their work last year, the importance of monitoring a baby’s movements and reporting any changes has been at the forefront of my mind throughout this pregnancy and so I have been pretty hot on tracking our baby’s movement pattern from the moment those first flutters started. Even still, despite everything I know, everything I say to other Mama’s who experience a drop or change in movements, I hesitated when it came to calling the maternity unit. I knew they were flat out – my friend is currently there having been induced – and I didn’t want to make a fuss, she was probably just in a different position or hiding behind my anterior placenta. And then I gave myself a bloody good talking to. I would never forgive myself if anything were to be wrong.

So after speaking to two really lovely midwives, who were only to pleased that I’d called we jumped in the car and made our way in. Of course, having not felt her at all through the day, as we sat in the waiting room baby gave the most gigantic kick. They were still keen to get us in and pop me on the monitor to check everything was as it should be, and thankfully after 40 minutes we were assured that baby was doing okay and told we could go home, however I was told to keep an eye out for any developments as the monitor had shown I was having early contractions!

Well, here we are nearly 24 hours later and this little one is back to her bladder jumping, tummy morphing self and still seemingly staying firmly put. I’ve had some dull period pain-like cramps and back ache but so far nothing else to report on the labour front.

Like I said, never a dull moment, and as we turn 37 weeks tomorrow, I have to wonder if baby might surprise us all and come a little bit early. Only time will tell.

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