Pregnancy #2: Naming our Baby Boy

Pregnancy #2: Naming our Baby Boy

Ahh, here we are again, playing the name game! This time we are tasked with choosing the perfect name for a boy and we’ve found it quite hard so far. I love a good traditional name while Sean is definitely one for more modern choices. While I think we might have finally settled on a full name for baby, there’s always the potential for a change of mind somewhere along the way and so here’s our full list of names that we’re working with. One thing we are certain on is a middle name which we are keeping quiet until he’s here.


As big fans of Gilmore Girls, Rory has been banded about quite a lot throughout this pregnancy as we love it for both a girl and a boy. It’s not too popular so I think he would be in with a good chance of being the only one in his class at school and Florence & Rory go quite nicely together.


A classic and perfect match with Florence, William has been on my list from the very beginning. I love that it has British origins and according to It means ‘Resolute protector’. It also has literary & royal links and has a floral connection to Florence too. Our only reservation has been that his surname will be Smith…


Another perfectly traditional name which I just love. It’s meaning is ‘twin’ so not entirely relevant to us but it’s one we’ve both mentioned a couple of times.


Zac / Zachary has always been a name that I’ve liked and was on my original list when I was pregnant with Florence. Sean’s not so sure so it might take some more convincing to get him to go for it.


Slightly more modern than our other choices, Riley is a name that caught both of our eyes when we were flicking through the name book. It’s meaning, surname, doesn’t really do it much justice.


If it wasn’t for the fact that we’ve had to watch The Secret Life of Pets a thousand times over just lately, Max would be the number one contender for baby boy’s name. Meaning ‘Greatest’ it has both Latin and Scottish origins.

Alfred / Wilfred

We both really like the idea of having a Florence & a Freddie, however both of us would prefer it if his full name was not a shortening of something so Alfred and Wilfred have both made the list.


If Florence had been a boy, I think there’s a fair chance she would have been Oliver. It didn’t even make my original list this time but Sean mentioned it the other day and it caught my attention enough to be up for consideration again.


One of Sean’s top choices, this use of a surname as a first name resonated with both of us and sounds quite nice next to Florence.


Both of our Grandads are called Ronald and while we steered clear of family names with Florence, we both quite like the familial connection to either side.

So there they are, our favourite baby boy names. I wonder if he will actually be called any of them, or whether we will change our minds entirely? Only time will tell!

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2 thoughts on “Pregnancy #2: Naming our Baby Boy”

  • LOVE cooper, William and Rory! Really not a fan of Riley! Florence and Cooper sounds super cool but Florence and William is gorgeous and traditional! I’m obsessed with names! Xx

  • Well, Zachary is your cousin’s name. Max is his son’s name. Oliver is your cousin Amy’s son’s name. Freddie is short for Frederic not Alfred. My friend named her son Alfred and he is called Alfie. And her dog is called Rory. Out of the rest, I like Thomas. My dad, your grandfather was George Smith and his two brothers were called Arthur and John Smith, both of which I like. These are my comments, but when I named my son Zachary 40 years ago, no one liked it. I liked it and stuck with it. Moral? Just choose what you like and to hell with us fogies. Lots of love from ME. Xxx

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