Pink Parcel – The Perfect Period Pick-Me-Up

Pink Parcel – The Perfect Period Pick-Me-Up

I first started my periods age 9. 10th May, 2003. Around 10.30 am. At home.

It’s funny. The day you start your first ever period will stay with you forever. Where you were, who you were with, the first person you told.

Luckily I was fully prepared, knew exactly what to expect. My mum had sat me down about three weeks before and told me all about them and how the changes I was experiencing were normal and ok to accept even if I was a bit young.

From that day, I carried around some regular always sanitary towels in a little make up bag in my  bag wherever I went.

I’ve known of Pink Parcel for a while, and when they contacted me to ask me to try out their range of products and chat about my experiences I jumped at the chance.

If it hadn’t been for my Mum spotting the signs, my initial experience of a period could have been awful. After all, when you are young, the prospect of bleeding from ‘down there’ is quite a scary one if you don’t have the right information to hand.

Pink Parcel are on a mission to get people talking about periods. It seems odd, that since the beginning of time, women have had the monthly (or not so monthly) joy of a period and yet, today in 2015, the topic is still a bit taboo.

Whether being more open about our monthly visitor more helps younger women understand the changes that are happening to their bodies, makes the agony of sitting by the poolside while everyone else gets to enjoy the  weekly school swim trip that little bit less embarrassing, or encourages women of all ages to take note, acknowledge and talk about changes in their cycles which could save their lives,I really think that lifting the taboo will help women every single day.

You can join in the conversation on twitter using #ItsaMonthlyThing and help Pink Parcel, and all women get talking about periods.

The Pink Parcel is a fabulous monthly subscription, which provides women with all the practical things they need for their upcoming period as well as some treats to provide that all important pick me up we all need at the time of the month.

The order process is super easy and really quick with just 4 simple steps.

Pink Parcel

First you choose whether you would prefer sanitary towels or tampons, then select the weight of the product you need, and then the brand. If you select tampons, you can choose from Tampax, Kotex or Lil-Lets however f you are more of a sanitary towel girl like me, the only option is always ultra. Generally I use always anyway, but I know some women prefer other brands so it would be nice to have a little more variety to choose from.

Next you add your monthly cycle details like the date of your last period, and how long your periods generally last. The website works out when your next period is likely to be due and after payment, they ship your parcel out to arrive in time.

When my parcel arrived I was really impressed with the discreet packaging it came in. The postman would never know that the contents of my latest delivery was actually filled with tampons. I know, despite the fact that Pink Parcel (and I!) are hoping to help people feel more confident and less ashamed about their periods, not everyone would be comfortable knowing their postman and possibly neighbours as he passes them would be able to work out their cycle.

Inside the box I found two additional boxes along with a little bag, one with ‘for now’, one with ‘for later’ & one with ‘for you’ written on.


Inside the bag and one of the boxes I found more than enough tampons to last a full cycle. The little pouch bag is ideal for popping in your hand bag and storing you sanitary products discreetly while you are out and about. SAMSUNG CSC SAMSUNG CSC


The second box, named ‘for you’, is a little box filled with little lovelies to pick you up!  Inside this months box I received Duck Tissues, Doom & Doisy organic chocolate, some Kandula tea bags,  Lip Glam Natural Lip Balm, a Binky London Eye Pencil, Bella Pierre Eye Shadow and a Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Hair and scalp sample – perfect for giving yourself an all important pamper.


Handbag Essentials 

Beauty Bundle

I totally recommend the Pink Parcel subscription for all women. Stay tuned for our thoughts on the Teen Parcel, the period parcel designed for teenagers which will be reviewed by my Sister, Libby (Lobster) soon!

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