Our Mini DIY Maternity Photo Shoot

Our Mini DIY Maternity Photo Shoot

If you’ve been around here for a while then you might remember I had a maternity photo shoot with Alison Lewis Photography while I was pregnant with Florence. The photographs from that shoot are ones I will treasure forever. They perfectly illustrate my excitement and joy at the prospect of becoming Florence’s Mummy and mark such a special time in my life.

With pennies sparse and life being as hectic as it has been this time around, I haven’t got around to booking a professional maternity shoot but I still wanted to document my baby bump in a special way and so with a little help from Sean (& Florence) I’ve attempted a couple of DIY bump shoots at home. Pinterest is a fantastic source for inspiration when it comes to poses & settings for maternity photo shoots and I’ve made a whole board of my favourites here. A lot of them share tips & tricks too so if you, like me, want to capture this special time yourself head over and take a look.

I used the tips I picked up from Pinterest along with some awesome advice I’ve taken away from my Red Shoe experiences to create different poses to best flatter my expanding and ever changing shape.

I opted for quite a minimalistic style keeping the backgrounds white and wearing mostly black & white. Mono stripes / spots have been my go to throughout this pregnancy so it seemed only right that they featured.

As well as capturing my journey to becoming a second time Mama, I wanted to include Florence in them too. Afterall, you don’t get to become a big sister every day do you? While slightly cliché these shots of Florence & I comparing our tummies are some of my favourite photos ever!

We also tried our hand at some silhouette shots but I think our curtains were too thin to get the desired effect we were after. Maybe with a bit more expert editing they might be a bit better. I’m probably going to keep on tweaking them to see if I can get them to how I want them to be.

Lastly, while Florence was napping the other day, I had a go at snapping some on my own using my camera timer & phone app. I wanted to somehow mark that this time I’m becoming a boy Mama so chose to add some subtle blue accents in some of the shots. The simple addition of a baby blue cardigan and some blue nail polish did just the trick.

I think I’d like to give one more look a go but I’m just not sure when I’ll get around to it. Hopefully, before too long, I’ll be sharing photos from our own DIY newborn & family photo shoot when the little one arrives next month too.

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