Our Daily Routine

Our Daily Routine

We were so lucky that Florence settled into a routine pretty much from day one. I’ve had so many comments and questions about how we got into a routine so early on and while we took her lead for the most part there were a few things we implemented

I thought I’d share with you a quick post on what a typical day in our house looks like now that Florence is here.

Our day starts around 5am when Florence wakes for a bottle. She’s dropped that 2am feed and tends to make it until now before she needs any more milk. She takes around 8oz and then comes into our bed for morning cuddles and sleeps until 7am by which time Sean has left for work.

Between 7-8.30am we tend to have a chat, read a book or two & play – this is when Florence is at her smiliest!Daily Routine with a Baby

At 8.30am she’ll normally drift off for another short nap so I take advantage of this time and get up and get dressed / sort the dog out / reply to emails. Sometimes she even sleeps soundly enough for me to have a quick shower.

By 9.30 she’s up and getting a bit hungry so I quickly get her dressed and ready for the day and we come down stairs for another bottle before a kick about on her play mat or a spot of tummy time on the Poddle Pod. She normally has her mid morning feed around 10am.  IMG_0808

By 11am she’s ready for another sleep so we have cuddles and I put her down in her Shnuggle Moses Basket while I get some work done – usually with last nights EastEnders playing in the background.

Once she’s woken up we either have a little play or head out for a walk around our village with the dog. I really do try to make sure we get out of the house at least once a day – even if it is just to pop to the shop.

She has another bottle at about 2pm followed by a very quick cat nap before Sean gets home from work at around 3.30pm. They play and chat while I wash & sterilise the bottles and do some housework. She tends to doze off again after an hour and this is when I tend to get everything ready for our evening routine.

At 5.45pm Florence has a bath (the girl loves a bath!) and then we come downstairs for some baby massage on her playmat with In the Night Garden or 64 Zoo Lane on in the background and then put her pyjamas on before one of us feeds her & gets her off to sleep while the other makes dinner.florence ivy 12072017

She tends to sleep for the evening from 7pm until 10pm when we all go up to bed & she has her last feed of the day before going to sleep for the night.

So there you have it, a glimpse into a day at home with Florence & I.

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