50+ Simple Baby Play essentials you probably already have at home

50+ Simple Baby Play essentials you probably already have at home

With so many lovely responses to my recent Simple Baby Play posts, I thought I would finally get around to sharing with you a list of items I class as baby play essentials. These are all things that I have built up over time and most of them are things you will more than likely have in your house already, and the rest I either picked up at Wilko, Tiger, The Works or Poundland. They are my four go to store for picking up little bits for play which don’t cost a bomb. When it comes to storing everything, we have a little plastic drawer unit in our conservatory where most of it lives, but you could use a large plastic box, a spare cupboard or drawer. One thing to bare in mind is, as some of the items are quite small, I keep the contents out of reach of Florence so for safety reasons, she can’t just help herself to these things.

Kitchen Utensils (wooden spoons, spatulas, whisk, measuring spoons etc)


Cookie Cutters

Plastic Cups – Stacking or otherwise

Brushes (Hair, nail, pastry, make up)

Rubber ducks

Miniature Vehicles

Miniature Figures





Googly Eyes


Straws – Plastic or paper

Silk Scarves

Balls of all sizes & types

Shower Gels

Baby Oil

Empty plastic bottles

Tuff Spot

Plastic Storage Tubs




Zip Lock Bags

Musical Instruments (You could of course use Pots, Pans & home made shakers too!)

Textured Sticky Back Plastic

Fabric & Ribbon Scraps


Foil Blanket

Ice Cube Trays

Baby Safe Mirrors


Kitchen Roll Tubes

Board Books (See our favourite baby board books here.)

I hope you’ve found this little list of baby play essentials useful. If you’re looking for some ways you could use them within your play, you can check out my baby play posts here. 

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