Florence’s Herb Garden | #AD

Florence’s Herb Garden | #AD

You might remember the little sensory herb garden we made for Florence this time last year.

Now that she is almost two, Florence is starting to understand things a bit more and so I’ve really focussed this year on giving her ownership of her little patch. We’ve planted a combination of kitchen herbs and talked about the process as we’ve gone. We’ve talked about what plants need and the conditions they need in order to grow (obviously keeping it super simple and toddler friendly) and monitored them as our seeds turned from tiny little specs to seedlings, then stems and now full plants. She’s been so good at taking care of them and watering each day.

Trago Mills have put together this handy info graphic advising when the best time of year is to sew and harvest the most commonly used garden herbs to help you create your own kitchen garden.

Now that some of our herbs are ready for harvesting, we’ve been using them in our cooking. Florence loves to help me in the kitchen and it’s been so lovely to be able to show her the process of growing plants to eat.

We’ve also used them in our play, making sensory Easter Eggs, painted with them and even added them to our water play.

Do you grow herbs at home?


This is a collaborative post in partnership with Trago Mills.

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