Florence, Now you are TWO

Florence, Now you are TWO

Hey little girl,

It seems like Mama’s fallen a bit behind on all the birthday bits on here. I can only say that it’s because we’ve been super busy celebrating you turning two over the last few weeks and I just haven’t had a second to sit down and write your little birthday post until now. I hope that when you’re old enough to read these little posts I do for you that you will take no notice of the dates!

So Florrie bum, you are TWO! Two whole years old and I’m sat here half wondering where the time went and half not able to remember what life was like before you. Over the last couple of months you have grown so much and learned so much that I sometimes find myself almost running to keep up.

It’s been quite a big year for all of us but for you especially I think. 6 days after your first birthday, Mama found out she was pregnant and spent much of the next three months horizontal and hardly able to move. You coped so well with our slower paced days. When your brother William arrived in February you took so well to your new role as a big sister. You adored him from the moment you met him and while sometimes you might think he’s in the way you are already a funny little double act who I suspect will be thick as thieves as you get older. God help me! You fret if he’s not in the same room as you and are often on guard if anyone but Mama & Daddy are holding him. You truly do love your ‘WeeWoo’ and we are so proud of you for the way you’ve approached big sisterhood.

We moved back to Dayday’s house (nanny’s) and while we planned to only be here a year, we are going to be here a bit longer. It suits you though! You love all the attention you get from everyone here and are spoiled rotten!

You are so incredibly kind and so incredibly sassy. You’re a whirlwind of calm and crazy and wonderfully funny. You really are a little wild flower.

You love to sing and now confidently sing your favourite songs ALL DAY LONG. The wheels on the bus, Waffle Doggy and Mary Mary quite contrary all form part of your repertoire with dance moves to go with them too! Of course, while singing is fairly new dancing is not. You’ve been boogieing on down with Auntie Bits to Bangers N Mash pretty much all year!

You are all of a sudden obsessed with trains & track and so at least once a day the living room becomes a pretty impressive rail network. More often than not, your little Hey Duggee characters hop on as passengers.

To think I was concerned about your speech not so long ago… you talk and talk and talk and your vocabulary builds and builds every day. We have proper little conversations now and your little (actually pretty big) personality is shining through even more.

You are still a little book worm. And now that you’re that bit older you have more of attention span for a longer story rather than simple board books. Your favourites include Elmer, Mavis & Marge and The Gruffalo. In fact you can almost recite the words of the Gruffalo As I read them. Bedtime Story time is one of the only times each day when it’s just you and me and has one of my favourite times of the day.

We see Aunty Donna, Josh and ‘Car Key’ (Charlie) at least once a week. Usually we head to the Lakes and have a Tesco cafĂ© lunch half way around. Our little outings with you fabulous foursome are always chaotic and 9 times out of 10 leave me and Aunty Donna a bit dazed but Watching all you littles grow up together is so lovely. You and Joshua have become such good friends.

You’re such a sociable little thing and have made some really lovely little friendships just lately but animals take the lead over people in your book any day. Alfie and Tots are your best friends and you love trips to the farm or to feed the ducks at the lakes. Every animal you see is ‘aww cute’ and you chat away to them as though they’re about to talk back. We think you’re destined to be a vet or work with animals some how.

This next year, your third year, is set to be a lot quieter and I’m so looking forward to soaking up every last second I get to have you to myself before you go to pre-school.

My, our, darling little girl, we love you so very much. Now you are Two.

Things you do & say that we don’t want to forget…

Dayday – Nanny

Bits – Aunty Libby

Uncle ‘Dick’ – Craig

Uh oh!

Paw Patrol often sounds like Arsehole – oops!

Are you okay? – over and over and over again



Cheeky boy!

You love to watch Hey Duggee, waffle the wonder dog, Peppa Pig, Peter rabbit & Aristocats.

Your cake addiction

Helping mummy in the kitchen

Tilly & Alfie’s garden walks


You’re a blueberry monster

Dolly & Yoda

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