FabLittleBag | Review

FabLittleBag | Review

In my last post I promised to tell you a little bit more about a great product I discovered in my July Pink ParcelFabLittleBag are on a mission to reduce the amount tampons which are flushed down the toilet and end up floating about in our rivers and seas & blocking up our sewerage systems. They’ve invented this super practical discreet little bag designed for you to use each time you change your tampon. FabLittleBag

They’re super easy to use – they have finger loops which allow you to open and close the bag one handedly, freeing up your other hand for, well, you know… the other stuff you might need your hand for when you’re going to the loo at the time of the month. You can just pop your tampon into the bag, along with the applicator and wrapper and then bin it! Or, if you’re ever caught in that wweird moment at your friends house and you can’t find their ‘toilet bin’ you can just pop the sealed bag in your handbag until you can find an alternative without running the risk of anything obviously period-y falling out on display.
FabLittleBag Review

They are designed for use with tampons, but I think they’re also great for disposing of sanitary towels too. Just roll, wrap and bag.

For just £2.99 you can buy a pack of 20 for your bathroom and they also do a Handbag pack complete with case so they don’t get all lost and crumpled on the go!

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