Cloth Nappy Diaries : Going full time Fluff

Cloth Nappy Diaries : Going full time Fluff

Back when I ordered those first three newborn nappies from Baba + Boo I had all the best intentions but if I’m being totally honest, I didn’t think I’d stick with the whole reusable nappy idea. The constant need for washing and reported long drying times just seemed too much for a busy mum of two demanding small children. Little did I realise what a kick I’d get out of reaching for a cloth nappy over a ‘disposable’ each time William needed changing. I had no idea the satisfaction I would feel every time I filled our washing line up with pretty patterned pockets and freshly cleaned inserts knowing that simply using those the day before meant that I’d saved a bunch of nappies ending up in landfill and clogging up our planet.

I am now the proud owner of 12 BTP (Birth to Potty) nappies from a combination of brands – Baba + Boo, Bambino Mio & Cloth Baby Bums (Gifted). Most I’ve had brand new, but I’ve also got a couple of second hand ones too. While it means washing a bunch every day until I complete my stash, William is more or less in cloth full time with the occasional disposable saving the day when we run out. Over the next few months I’m hoping to build my stash to around 25 nappies which will mean I can get down to washing every 2nd / 3rd day but all the time the sun is shining I don’t mind washing over night and drying during the day. And because I can pop them in with a normal wash load I’m not really increasing my workload – just keeping more on top of the laundry than I ever did before!

We seem to have the current fit sussed now so we have very few leaks etc and they just seem so much comfier than single use ones and I’ve been teaming them with just a T-shirt in this hot weather to keep William cool. Even Sean – who was such a sceptic! – has come around to the idea now he’s seen that even the poop really isn’t a big deal.

I’ve had so many people comment on William’s nappies and how lovely they are. They’ve opened up so many conversations about the impact single use nappies have on our planet, not to mention our bank balances in the long run! A couple of friends have even asked if they could borrow one to try out before they make the commitment to buying their own which I’m always happy to help with. After all, every wear of a reusable nappy means one less ‘disposable’ being chucked out and impacting our environment!

The whole switch from single use nappies (which by the way are made from about 50% plastic!) to cloth has been way easier and rewarding than I imagined it would be and I’m so glad I made the change.

Are you using cloth nappies with your little one? Or are you just not sure?

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7 thoughts on “Cloth Nappy Diaries : Going full time Fluff”

  • They didn’t make things like this when my boys were small. These are very cute, and it’s great to help do something positive for the environment.

  • My family are big advocades of cloth/reusable nappies. I was 12 when my youngest sister was born (she’s now 16!) and can remember my mum teaching me how to use terry towelling nappies. It seems like there’s so many more options now – these patterned ones are so cute!

  • I tried with my daughter, 11 years ago. The nappies we bought just did not fit her shape, and we gave up. We had far more success two years later with my son, and I also loved the knowledge that we weren’t producing landfill. The nappies you have are so cute!

  • My older kids were terry nappy babies and Iloved seeing the nappies on the washing line. These days the nappies are so much more colourful though. I love these

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