Check ‘Em Tuesday

Check ‘Em Tuesday

This post is going to be a bit of a mish mash of old & new – some of it taken from ‘This Little Life’ and some a little different.

The Check ’em Tuesday campaign came under a lot of criticism in the world of twitter when CoppaFeel!‘s collaboration with The Sun’s page three was launched. In the industry that I work in the topic of topless women in newspapers and magazines is not a popular one, and so my twitter feed was filled with angry mums stating how they didn’t need to see a half naked woman in their morning paper to check their boobs.

Though the response wasn’t ALL positive (come on, is any response to anything all positive these days?) the campaign certainly got people talking. I bet, even if they might not admit it, some of those people who were angered by the bikini clad model on page three that morning, went up to bed that night, took off their bra before getting into bed and checked for any lumps & bumps.

Maybe someone who saw someone else tweeting about it, without even reading the paper did.

Whether I agree or not with topless modelling being in newspapers, to be honest, is besides the point. If just one person copped a feel of their own boobs that night, felt something a little bit unfamiliar and got checked out, the campaign worked. And that was the whole point.

No-one ever thinks they’re going to be the one in the family or a friendship group that gets cancer. As humans we have this mentality of if we don’t think about it, it won’t happen. “It’ll never happen to me.”

Unfortunately, however as much as we wish it were, that’s not the case. Cancer does not take time and effort to choose it’s victims. Cancer can strike any one of us at any time. So if a woman getting her knockers out for a national paper leads to saving a life each Tuesday, there’s not really any argument.

Being breast aware is something I am a bit of an expert in myself. I found a lump in my boob when I was 11 and after numerous drs & hospital visits where I was made to feel very stupid for worrying as I was ‘too young to have cancer’, I am a little paranoid. You are never too young to have cancer.

I talked in length about my boob dramas over on This Little Life earlier this year, please do go have a read.

I now check my boobs religiously each morning. Constantly analysing any changes, noting things down. Believe it or not, I have a boob diary which runs along side my cycle. I like to know everything there is to know, track any changes, so that if anything does change with my existing lump, new ones start to form or any other symptoms develop.

Changes to look out for when copping a feel!
Changes to look out for when copping a feel!

Admittedly, I am a little extreme with my feel copping.

So as another Check ‘Em Tuesday greets us today, please do take just 5 minutes to get to know your boobs! You can do it in the shower, on the loo, in bed, getting dressed, before you put your make-up on in the mornings… whenever. It really only takes five minutes out of one day each week. That five minutes might just save your life.



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