Catch up, Cake & a Surprise Dinner Date

Yesterday I set off to Bluewater to see a good online friend of mine that I met through Beebies.

Kelly used to be a Beebies Ambassador and so we have forged a pretty good online friendship over the last few years and though we have seen eachother countless times at events we’ve never actually managed to catch up while I am not working or needing to network with other people. Her little girl Tia is just the cutest and I’ve been dying to spend some time getting to know her a little more too.

We met at the play park outside the food court and then had lunch in the M&S cafe before doing some all important “present” shopping and returning to the swings & slides!


We had cake from Lola’s cupcakes which was honestly some of the best I’ve tasted. It was so so nice to be able to chat with Kelly face to face without having other distractions around us and great to play with Tia and find out all about her own shoe obsession. I am very excited about the inpending arrival of Kelly’s little boy – Tia’s “buffer” – who is due in June!

When the time came for them to go home  I decided to pop into my friends work to give her her very over due birthday card before going home myself. Luckily enough I caught her just as she was leaving and so we decided to stick around and grab dinner with another of our friends and have a good old catch up.

We wanted to try something different for dinner, as we tend to meet up for a bite at least once a fortnight and have been to all of the old favourites like Nandos and Waggamamas so we decided to go to Giraffe. I have been there once before with Mr for lunch a couple of years ago so I knew we wouldn’t be disappointed there.

I’d forgotten how varied the menu is there! We spent about half an hour just reading the menu and flitting between all of the different meals on offer before finally deciding. Both me & Issie opted for the Thai Duck Stir-Fry. My god it was delicious.


The service was impeccable, the staff were friendly and enthusiastic – so much so I thought that at one point the waitress might spring onto the table!

We had the best time with so so many laughs. I love how a spontaneous it all was. I was more than ready to leave Bluewater at 4-ish and spend the afternoon doing housework and catching up on some work but I am so glad I didn’t. We ended up staying right ’til the restaurant closed!

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