All Aboard the Potty Train! : Day one of potty training

All Aboard the Potty Train! : Day one of potty training

There we have it, day one of potty training complete. It wasn’t planned but when we woke up to yet another day of rain keeping us indoors it seemed like a sensible time to do it. And so we did.

I started the day making a bit of a make shift hey duggee potty training chart. ‘ The Potty Train’ where each time she does a wee or poop on the potty she gets to put a sticker on the track. At the end, she’ll get her Potty Training Badge!

We’ve had the potty kicking around for a while and we had a brief encounter with it a couple of weeks ago but other than that, until today Florence has only ever tried to wear it as a hat / stand in it.

She was SO excited to wear her new ‘pants’. She’s told me about them over and over again today and it’s just the cutest thing. I’ve had them ready for a couple of months and right now I think they might be the key to our potty training success.

While we had a couple of little accidents and didn’t have any toilet triumphs on the potty she was so happy to sit on the potty and try which is Such a huge step in itself. In fact she voluntarily sat there for three hours waiting for a poop that never came. She wouldn’t get off until I bought her dinner in and gladly chilled out on her potty asking me to bring different random things to her – her toy lawn mower, spanner, wiggly snake, some wotsits and her baby all joined her at some point.

Wish us luck for day two!

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