A step back to move forward: A Little Life Update

A step back to move forward: A Little Life Update

Things are about to look a lot different around here as we prepare to make some pretty big life changes.

We are swiftly outgrowing our little house. I honestly underestimated just how much room little people take up and with our plans to expand our little family in the not too distant future I’ve been spending more time than is healthy scrolling through Rightmove trying to find something bigger in our price range to rent. The trouble is, there just isn’t anything out there that we could realistically afford and so we’ve been taking a look at our options.

After lots of different conversations, We have decided to move back to my Mum’s house so that we can have a decent shot at saving a deposit for a mortgage. She has offered us the chance to stay there, rent free, in return for the house being fixed up throughout the year and while I’m sure it’s going to be a bit of a squeeze and sometimes a bit stressful, it is an offer we can’t refuse! Things are going to be moving very quickly over the next month or so and we are handing in our notice for our house this weekend.

The plan is that by this time next year we’ll be able to by our own home and maybe even be in! I think we are really going to miss our little house, and I keep looking around at all of our things that we are selling and getting a bit sad but I will all be worth it, I know.

I will be sharing our savings journey here as the year passes and maybe even a few tips as we go along. Wish us luck!

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  • Good luck with your journey for your own house. My brother in law did the same a few years ago and he’s now in his own home. We would love our own home but saving a deposit while renting is impossible x

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