2020 Reflections: We have so much to be grateful for

2020 Reflections: We have so much to be grateful for

It’s hard to believe that I’ve not written on here since May. And even then it was a post about William’s birthday which had happened months before. 2020 has been a strange year for everyone and one of the things it seemed to rob from me was my ability, interest even, to write. I so desperately wanted to document our days and capture every moment but the days whizzed by in a blur of adrenaline and survival and I just, I don’t know, felt exhausted by it all. The world has been pretty overwhelming of late hasn’t it?

With winter in full swing and COVID rates reaching new peaks, I’ve been mistakenly looking back with anger and sadness at everything we have missed in 2020 and indeed forward to those things we will miss in 2021. And then suddenly I stumbled across the photos of spring and summer and was reminded of the many adventures we went on in our very own garden, the pockets of countryside which soon became our daily ‘holiday’ spots and the trees and hills which were our new playground.

Those precious days at home with my children, free of the usual chaos and distraction, hold some of the most magical memories and saw them grow from baby to toddler, toddler to preschooler and I got to lap up every single moment.

Lockdown 1.0 gave us the perfect opportunity to give back to our community and show our appreciation for everyone working hard to keep us safe. We decorated our windows in honour of our every day heroes, made play dough for families in our community to collect on their daily walks, and banged and clapped and cheered for our NHS. Gratitude for our neighbours and keyworkers is something I hope we never forget to have again.

As restrictions were lifted and we were able to venture further afield, our adventures in the great outdoors continued.

We took a spontaneous tea time trip to the sea which I look back on now with such joy. Watching my babies running in and out of the water without a care in the world and making footprints in the sand is a memory I will treasure forever.

As well as an all new appreciation for nature and the simple things, lockdown 1.0 turned out to be the springboard my business needed to get noticed. Being able to bring a little sunshine to people’s birthdays in lockdown was one of the things that got me through those long days at home. I was the busiest I’ve ever been during those spring / summer months and I’m thankful for every single person who chose to shop local and support our family.

My work enabled me to also spread some joy to our local doctors, nurses & carers. Being asked to come along and partake in Project Wingman was one of the most humbling moments of my entire career.

My business also introduced me to some people I now cannot even imagine my life without. Namely Sarah, my partner in crime in everything from family doorstep parties to The newly launched Moody Wedding, our regular market stall to our latest Father Christmas doorstep visits. On top of work, she has become my go to for a natter or socially distanced play date. Frankly, since the day we met, we’ve not had a day where we haven’t spoken. I feel so incredibly lucky to have found such strong friendship in the midst of a truly crazy year.

On the topic of friendship, I’m also very grateful for the friendships that have grown despite the barriers lockdown and social restrictions have provided us. Something about being kept apart from those we were so used to seeing week in week out gave us all something in common and in turn, I’m fortunate enough to have built upon relationships over the last 8 months that I hope will last a very long time.

In September, Florence started preschool. A huge step for all of us but one that she was so ready for. I’m immensely proud of the way she has settled in so easily and of how she continues to learn and grow with such compassion and love and kindness.

Of course, there have been many people and things we have missed. Florence and William’s doorstep reunion with their ‘Big Grandma’ was one of the most heartwarming moments of our year.

Not to mention grandparents, Auntie’s, Uncles and cousins who we would usually see week in week out. We may have spent special moments and Christmas without this year, but I truly cannot wait to spend time all together when all of this is over.

Looking back I’m actually extremely proud of all that our little family achieved throughout 2020. We, as a family, have taken huge steps we might not have before and come to appreciate our time together so much more.

This evening I will be raising a toast to all of those working tirelessly to keep us safe, all of those we have lost along the way this year and looking back with immense gratitude for being able to find joy in even simplest of things.

Happy new year, from my our house to yours. May your 2021 be filled with love, laughter, happiness and good health.

A x

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