Dreaming of sunshine

Dreaming of sunshine

I can’t lie, after all the snow and rain over the last few weeks I have found myself dreaming of sunshine and sandy shores. A combination of the wintry weather and Florence’s current bought of chicken pox has got me suffering from some serious cabin fever and I am craving some time away somewhere hot. I need to feel the sun on my face, to relax with my family away from the every day chores and get in some all important quality time. Even more so than summer sun though, I am craving adventure and am seeking the chance to explore.

Sean & I have always been keen travellers. While usually opting to stay in resorts we always adventure out to places further afield to take int he local culture. I make a point of learning some of the language of the country I am visiting and we both like to get to know the locals. In 2012, we headed to Tunisia and it was just the most wonderful trip. We met so many people and learned so much about the local culture.

Over the last eight years, we’ve put together a bit of a travel bucket list of places we’d love to visit in the next few years and there are two destinations that top that list above all others.


If I could move to any country in the world, it would be Kefalonia without any doubt. I am fortunate enough to have already visited this beautiful Greek Island twice before back when Iw as a teenager. The peace & tranquility of this beautiful little corner of the world was always a welcome relief from our every day chaos. The Island first stole my heart nine years ago and I’d love to take my own family back one day. Whenever I picture our Kefalonian trip I imagine staying in a big & beautiful villa with all of our family with us spending our days by the pool, exploring the little quaint villages and days by the sea. greece-1096724_960_720

Staying in a villa would give us all the flexibility you need when travelling in a large group and I think it’d be perfect for babies first holiday. You can go at your own pace, choose and cook your own food as and when you’re ready & there’s plenty of space inside & out for baby play activities in the shade. PLUS you get unlimited pool time!



Okay, so it might be a bit Cliche, but I am intent on a trip to #FlorencewithFlorence. It just has to be done doesn’t it? Italy has always intrigued me and it just seems like Florence would be an obvious place to start our Italian adventures. I’ve never really done an overseas city break before either and I can just picture us exploring and taking in the sights before returning to a little apartment full of charm to kick back and relax with a good glass of wine. activity-florence-bike-tour-tuscany-private-tour-04




Where do you like to take your family abroad over the summer?

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