Jeskyns Community Woodlands & Finding the Gruffalo

Jeskyns Community Woodlands & Finding the Gruffalo

With trying to keep our spending to a minimum while at the same time seeking adventure for my little family I’m always on the look out for free / cheap days out we can go on. Every now and then I discover a place which is destined to be a go to family day out and a couple of weeks ago we found ourselves at Jeskyn’s Community Woodlands which turned out to be just that. Considering I have lived in the county for 25 years and this little patch of beauty is only on a doorstep I can’t quite believe I hadn’t heard of it before – thank you Kent Kids Days Out on Instagram for the recommendation.

It’s essentially a country park with everything you’d expect to find and more. Endless woodlands, wildflower meadows, nature trails and 5 different walking routes. Not to mention the two inspired play areas, hidden fairy village & the orchards with an abundance of fruit which you’re invited to pick and take home for free. We visited Jeskyn’s after dinner in a bid to get Florence to run off some steam before bed and only got to explore a tiny part and the manned facilities (café, learning area etc) were all closed yet were so impressed we’ll be back time & time again.

We did however manage to take advantage of the two natural play areas while we were there. ‘The sandpit’ Play area is the first one you reach if following the Zog trail (oh yes, I forgot to mention that in my list above) and in place of say a swing or slide and as well as the sandpit there is a big carved ‘tree trunk’ perfect for climbing on, a giant wooden tunnel and just next to it, a Fairy village. The possibilities for imaginative play here are just endless!

The second is called the tree house play area. An enclosed green of whispy long grass with wooden carvings of the Gruffalo characters centered around a big wooden treehouse in the middle. Florence’s little face when she me with each of her favourite story time creatures was a picture. We could have (and likely will) spent an entire day here getting lost in the classic children’s story, acting out the tale and tucking into a Gruffalo themed picnic.

We are really excited to return and discover more of Jeskyns Community Woodlands throughout the summer.

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