How I get out and about with 2 children under 3

How I get out and about with 2 children under 3

One of the things I was most worried about when it came to having two babies so close in age was the logistics of getting out of the house. I don’t drive and Sean works all week so if we want to go out Monday -Friday we have to either walk or rely on public transport and because of that, the kit I use to move these little people around is pretty important. I’m asked quite a lot how I manage to get us all out and what pram we use so I thought I’d do a little post about the three different combinations I use to make sure we don’t miss out on any midweek adventures.Let me tell you though, getting out that door takes a whole bunch longer than it did with just one, even with the luxury of having different baby transport options. And the sheer amount of stuff you need in the early days is just mad. My only tip whee that is concerned is allow yourself plenty of time to get ready and make loosely timed plans – accept that you might not make it where you’re going at exactly the time you hoped and trust me, you’ll feel a whole lot less daunted by the whole thing.

Getting out with 2 children under 3

Joie Evalite Stroller

This was my go to when William was newborn and in the absence of a double pram with a carrycot, the idea that he could lay completely flat in the rear seat was a real selling point for me. Having both ‘seats’ there and ready to go without the need to attach extra bits every time I wanted to leave the house made it so much less daunting and loads easier for me to go out in the early days. Plus, it’s amazing how much stuff you end up needing when you leave the house woth two children in tow, especially when you don’t drive so the extra long shopping basket comes in so handy. It is also compatible with the Joie GEMM car seat meaning if we need to go somewhere and Sean is going to pick us up there’s no need to worry about planning too far in advance. I still reach for this pram the most for days out as it is just so easy to use and lightweight and now that William is that bit bigger, the children can swap seats depending on what they need – William is loving being able to sit up front and properly see what’s going on and Florence loves the treat of being closer to me as we go. One of the only draw backs to this pushchair is that it takes up so much room on the bus! It fills the entire buggy bay which usually fits two pushchairs.

Micralite buggy & baby carrier

We were sent the Micralite Fast Fold stroller to try out by natural baby shower while I was pregnant with William. To say I was impressed by how light it is and how easy it is to steer would be an understatement and it really is perfect for use with a toddler who isn’t quite ready to walk everywhere yet and who needs half the stuff they did as a baby. I was a bit sad about not being able to use it much when bump became a baby but Now I have both little ones we still use it quite a bit. It’s great for little trips to the shop where I can put William in the carrier and for little outings where Florence can walk the distance like the park or the odd occasions when she pushes her little buggy to the shop beside me.

I have two different means for baby wearing too – a wrap and a carrier. My daisygro wrap was my first choice when William was smaller – snug and safely shielded from the elements he was always so content wrapped up on my chest. While I still use it from time to time – especially if nap time is nearing – I have turned to my trusty I-angel carrier that I have from when Florence was a baby. William is almost 22 lbs and so the hip seat in it really does help take the strain off my back. He can face me or be forward facing depending on the time of day though he loves to watch everything that’s going on as I walk so his preference is definitely to face forward.

(photo of Florence as I can’t find any of William in this carrier!)

Joolz Geo 2 & buggy board

I adore my Joolz pram, and while it does have a double function on it (you can buy an extra seat for underneath or attach a car seat with the adapters) we just didn’t have the budget for the extra parts when William was born. I used it on occasion in the early days of double motherhood but only if I had just one of the children with me. It easily converts from a carry cot to a seat just by zipping and unzipping different parts onto the frame.

More recently though, with Florence becoming more independent and wanting to walk more on days out, I’ve been teaming my Joolz up with a buggy board I bought on Facebook. I think it’s actually a universal buggy board from a brand I hadn’t heard from before and is called an Isafe Segboard and Unlike your usual buggy attachment, it has a removable seat! It’s so handy and florence loves sitting on her ‘Pram Bike’ and looking at her baby brother on our travels. It’s so much easier and quicker for her to jump on and off when she needs to and means that she’s right up close to me so we can still have a little chat as we go. I get so many comments on this while we are out and about and so many mums I’ve met or I know have actually bought one since seeing ours.I hope this post comes in handy, whether you’re expecting your second little bundle soon or if you’re wondering how on earth you’re going to ever leave the house again now that there’s another extra person here.

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