A visit to The Paulos Circus Rockets Tour – AD GIFTED

A visit to The Paulos Circus Rockets Tour – AD GIFTED

At the weekend we were invited to The Paulo’s circus for a special family trip out. We were all very excited as it would be the children’s first visit to the circus and my first in a very long time.

I was a little nervous as to how Florence would react once the lights went out as she is generally very nervous in settings like this but she was absolutely fine once the show began. She sat so nicely with her huge bag of popcorn and spinning light that we’d bought from the kiosk. 

The show itself felt less like a circus, more of a circus trick talent show if you see what I mean? Each act came on at separate times performed, bowed and then it moved onto the next. I was expecting a more traditional format with a busy stage of lots of tricks and acts perhaps even following a narrative. This being said, it was still enjoyable to watch. 

We particularly enjoyed the silk acrobats and the juggler! Florence has been talking about the juggler and his orange cups ever since. The mime / chair balancing act was impressive too. 

The show wasn’t lost on William either. I had wondered if he’d be a bit young for it but we took along the summer infant booster seat (gifted) and attached it to the chair so her could sit up and watch. He loved all of the lights too and sat in awe during the laser act. 

Considering it is a family show I was surprised to find that there was no interval to allow for a loo break (particularly as Florence is so newly potty trained) and the toilets were closed pretty much as soon as the show finished which lead to a very stressful experience with a toddler who needed a wee before we left. Despite asking if they could make an exception we were just told there was nothing they could do.

That aside, we had a great time at Paulos circus on Sunday and with tickets only costing £7 I think it’s great value for money for a family outing.

Paulos Circus is in Strood until this Sunday and then will be at the Leybourne site throughout October.

Show Times:

Thursdays & Fridays

5pm & 7.15pm

Saturdays & Sundays

2pm & 4.30pm

You can buy tickets at the Box Office from 11pm daily.


We were gifted four tickets to The Paulos Circus in return for a full and hones review. All opinions are my own.

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