Summer 4 in 1 SuperSeat Review | {Ad – Gifted}

Summer 4 in 1 SuperSeat Review | {Ad – Gifted}

We’ve been lucky enough to be sent a Summer 4 in 1 SuperSeat to try out over the last few weeks and today I wanted to tell you a bit about it and why it’s become our favourite baby & toddler seat. The seat can be used in four different ways; as a support seat, an activity seat, a feeding seat & a booster seat. It is jam packed with handy features to make life with little one’s just a little bit easier and lasts from baby to pre-school.

Support Seat

Since about 3 months old, William has been eager to be able to sit up and get in on the action of the every day. Not content with laying down to play or watch the world go by, I turned to another brand’s ‘support seat’ to place him in for short periods of time. He outgrew it so quickly (he’s got those glorious chunky legs so when I realised that the Summer 4 in 1 SuperSeat was suitable for up to 4 years I was really keen to give it a go.

Activity Centre

While he can now sit for long periods of times unsupported, he’s such an inquisitive & determined little boy that he often tries to get his hands on toys or things he shouldn’t have (more like it!) that are just out of his reach that he topples over and gets a bit stuck leaving him super frustrated and grumpy. Being able to pop him in the Superseat in Activity Centre mode ( just add the trays complete with a selection of sensory toys designed to keep little hands busy  included to the chair ) means I know he’ll be able to sit and be supported while playing with toys that are in his reach. The toys include a bead ‘maze’, a set of key teether toys, a ball and two attached sensory shapes.  I know that this is going to come in so handy too when he is able to crawl and get about himself as I will be able to quickly place him in there and he’ll stay amused while Florence plays with smaller non baby friendly toys or if I just need him to stay in one place for more than a second!

Feeding seat

On days when we’re eating out in the garden or don’t want to use the highchair the Summer 4 in 1 superseat doubles up (or triples should I say) as a baby feeding chair. We just pop him on top of the table with us and he sits and eats at eye level.  You simply unclip the activity tray and leave the empty part attached to the seat. Ideal for the early days of weaning or if you’re a bit limited on space for a full sized highchair.

Toddler Booster Seat

Did I mention that the Summer 4-in-1 Superseat is also big enough for Florence to fit in too? With William now joining us at the table in the highchair, Florence has moved over to the big girl table meaning she gets to sit next to me. Of course, being only 2, she is just that bit too little to reach her tea if she sits on the dining chair so when I realised that this seat is also suitable for use as a toddler booster seat I was thrilled. You just have to simply strap it to the base of the chair to secure it in place and pop your little one in. We use it at every single meal time now and it’s made such a difference! This is perfect too for visiting friends or family for dinner or taking to a restaurant which is limited on space for highchairs if you already have a smaller child in one.

My only slight criticism of the summer 4 in 1 Superseat is that when wiping it over, or if it’s touched while a bit damp, the colour from the shape outlines on the activity tray run and have worn off in some parts. To be honest though, the practical aspects of this seat totally outshine this one tiny drawback especially when it retails at £44.99. It’s available to buy on the Summer website here & in my opinion is well worth the money!


I was sent a Summer 4 in 1 SuperSeat in return for an honest review. All opinions given in this post are my own.

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