Flower Plot Tuff Spot Play

Flower Plot Tuff Spot Play

We had a morning of cancelled plans and grumpy babies this morning so by lunchtime we were all going a little stir crazy. We had to wait in for a parcel so couldn’t head out anywhere so I took some inspiration from my Play Hooray cards and set up a Flower Plot Tuff Spot for Florence to play with.

I set out four plant pots, some cut flowers & foliage, some compost a, trowel, a big scoop and a toy fork to use as a rake. We started by smelling the flowers and naming each one – in this case a daffodil, a tulip, a carnation and some leaves. I later added a sprig of rosemary and some mint too.

We ‘dug’ up the compost & scooped it into the pots and then poured it back out to repeat the process. As we went we talked about the colours of the buckets & scoops – I specifically chose red & yellow as they are the ones she still finds a bit tricky.

After a few minutes Florence was quite happy playing with this activity independently and so I stepped back to see what other ways she might find to play. She turned over a plant pot and began to slot the stems of the flowers through them – fab Fine Motor Skills practice! – and then counted in her own little language as she removed them. I was even served a lovely bucket of ‘tea’. 

Florence’s favourite part of this play though, has to be finding a snail among the pots! She was fascinated by it and once I’d explained that she needed to be gentle with it, she watched and carried it around on the pot with such care before we took it back out to the garden.  

Once Florence was ready to move on, we carried on our gardening themed play by reading  peep inside the garden , singing some insect & garden animal songs (There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden, Incy Wincy Spider, Little Green Frog, Mary Mary Quite Contrary, Sleeping Bunnies) and making a garden picture with some stickers from her Hey Duggee! magazine.

We’ve had such a busy day of play! Tomorrow, we’re going to head out into the actual garden and refill her sensory garden sand pit. 

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