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My 21st Birthday – A Wicked way to celebrate

My 21st Birthday – A Wicked way to celebrate

I’m a little later than planned with writing this but here’s how I celebrated my 21st Birthday :) On Wednesday, I was under strict instructions to get up and be ready – in warm clothes – by 10am. Mum had a plan, a schedule, a […]

My 21st Year

Yesterday was my birthday! My 21st Birthday!  The ‘Big One’ so I am told. The ‘Key to the door’. This last year has both flown and dragged. I thought I’d take the opportunity to take a  look back at the year just gone, reflect and remember my 21st year. […]

My Top Netflix Picks – TV Shows

My Top Netflix Picks – TV Shows

We’ve had Netflix for a few months now and I have to say, how on earth did we get by without it before?! There’s nothing like grabbing a couple of hours on a quiet day and sitting down to watch a movie or your favourite TV show and I love that you don’t have to work your ‘me-time moments’ around television schedules any more.

I thought I’d share my favourite TV series available on NetFlix with you and maybe follow it up next week with some of the best films we’ve been watching.

Orange is the New Black

When this series first came out I didn’t really get what all the fuss was about, but having struck down with food poisoning one day back in the summer I decided to take a look. It’s  BRILLIANT! Mr & I watched the entire two series in about a week – we were hooked!


Lie to Me

A crime drama which follows British human lie detector Cal Lightman & his team as they endeavour to help the American police catch the hottest criminals using psychology. Cal and his relationship with his employees really makes me laugh.


White Collar

Who can resist a series starring One Tree Hill actress, Hilarie Burton and the gorgeous blue eyed Matt Bomer? Set in the US, White Collar follows Neil Caffrey, a notorious convicted and almost reformed art fraudster and his attempts to help FBI agent, Peter Burke to catch other white-collar thieves. Can you tell I love my American Crime Dramas? But this is a must see!


My Hero

Ah, a British classic. I remember watching this as an early teen with my Mum. A little vintage comedy about a real life – if a little bit dim – super hero and his family. Makes me laugh every time!



 Mr & I are big Sherlock fans, especially now that Benedict Cumbatch has taken on the role of the detective. I love how neurotic and bonkers it is!


What TV shows do you watch on Netflix?

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I Love Autumn Tag

I Love Autumn Tag

I’ve never joined in with a tag before and so since seeing this Autumn one floating around, I thought I’d give it a go! Favourite Autumn Lip Product I use the Avon Colortrend lipsticks daily at the moment – they’re great for long lasting colour […]

Beauty, Fashion & Jewellery Haul

So far this month I have had lots of lovely deliveries & treated my self to some bargain buys! I love reading people’s beauty hauls & so I thought I’d share with you my latest purchases. I’ll be writing a brief outline of each item […]

If you’re gay, you’re gay.

I am sad that I even feel the need to write this.

Today on This Morning there was a feature about TOWIE cast member, Charlie King who had decided to come out for the first time live on air. My first reaction to this was “who cares!?”. It disappoints me that today, in 2014, the media and the general public feel the need to make a big thing out of sexuality and who fancies who when it comes down to sex or gender.

The feature was then followed by a phone in, hosted by Phillip and Amanda, with on screen agony aunt Denise and openly gay ‘Are you coming out?’ founder Wayne Dassey answering people’s questions and offering up advice. Now I’ve nothing against offering support to those who need advice about coming out, though it should not be, I can imagine it’s quite a daunting thing to do. What I am shocked about is that people who were struggling with coming to terms with family members announcing they were gay, their own children never the less, were invited to call in and voice their concerns.

One mother stated on national television that she was glad that she’d not seen her daughter since she had told her she was gay, how she was worried about what her neighbours would think of her and if their family name would be tainted if they found out.  She asked how she could make everything go back to ‘normal’. Normal!? Where has this woman been for the last 20 years? Has she not bought her daughter up? Does she honestly think that just because her daughter prefers women to men, that she suddenly isn’t normal?! She’s suddenly someone else undeserving of her respect and love as a mother?

I’m not a mother myself, though I hope that one day I will be. I’d like to think that I’d have a solid enough relationship with my child that they’d be able to tell me anything and everything they needed to, knowing that regardless of what that was, I would love them and accept them for who they are. Not avoid them and alienate them from our family and friends in case someone frowns upon their decision.  A person is a person, regardless of their height, weight, intelligence, sex or indeed sexuality.

You do not just ‘become gay’. This young woman, has not just gotten out of bed one morning and said to herself ‘I’m going to be gay today’.  In my opinion our sexuality is built into our genetics, the same way as our eye & skin colour, our hair type, our natural ability to draw or dance, write poems or play football all are.

I also don’t think that sexuality is as black and white as either ‘gay’ or ‘straight’. We each have hetero and homo-sexual characteristics built into us. Some of us just have more of one set than the other. I guess that’s where bi sexuality comes in. But if I am honest, I think we’re all just on one big scale, most of us floating somewhere in the middle.

I’m sorry that this has become a bit of a rant, but it is something I feel so passionately about. Society needs to buck up its ideas. Why do we invite people to make themselves stand out from a crowd and make a spectacle out of the fact they are so called ‘different’? Why is someone ‘coming out’ seen as entertainment or shock news? It should just be something natural that we accept without the big fuss! In trying to make something ‘normal’ the media is putting these people up and out there to be discussed. It’s the media that are making people seem different to everyone else. It has to stop!

Buy British Day – My favourite Independent British Retailers

Buy British Day – My favourite Independent British Retailers

Today is #BuyBritish Day! A day that encourages people all accross Britain to buy locally and support independent businesses just like mine. In celebration I thought I’d share my own favourites with you. Make Up Revolution Make Up Revolution are taking the  British make up […]

What I love about working from home

Working from home & for yourself is no mean feat! I am constantly on the receiving end of ‘you just sit at home all day’ jibes from family & friends. Being self employed means that there’s no guarantee of income, all of the responsibility lies […]