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Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike Review

Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike Review

Florence was bought a trike for her birthday by her Grandparents & and Great Grandma and I really wanted to tell you all about it, because it makes such a great gift for little one’s and Florence absolutely loves it. The Little Tikes 4-in-1 Trike […]

We Made a Mini Sensory Garden in a Sandpit

We Made a Mini Sensory Garden in a Sandpit

Not so long ago, I told you all about our plans to transform our garden from a drab and swampy mess into a toddler friendly play space for Florence to take advantage of through the summer. While I have planters across the middle of the […]

Rainbow Themed Party Food Ideas

Rainbow Themed Party Food Ideas

We chose a rainbow theme for Florence’s 1st Birthday party and along with the decorations and games we also tied in the food with it. I got a lot of inspiration from Pinterest and loved creating the menu for her big day. I thought I would share some of the Rainbow Themed Party Food Ideas we served up.

Bouncy Marshmallow Clouds

I picked up these giant marshmallows from Tiger and they make fab clouds!

Fairy Bread

Fairy bread is always a winner at kids parties and was a magical addition to our birthday banquet! Simply spread Nutella on one slice of bread and then on another slice, cut out a star shape with a cookie cutter. Sandwich them together and sprinkle some 100s and 1000s over the top and you’re done! Super simple and we used the cut out stars for another party food below.

Rainbow Fruit Skewers

Florence would honestly eat fruit for every single meal if she could and so it was always going to feature in her party menu. These yummy fruit skewers went down a treat with the little ones. We used Strawberries, Raspberries, Watermelon balls (Frozen), Satsumas, Pineapples (Frozen), Mango chunks (Frozen), Kiwi, Blueberries and Blackberries.

Rainbow Pasta

We added a rainbow of colour to our pasta using cooked brocolli, peppers (yellow, red & green!) and red onion.

Homemade Rainbow Pizza

Our homemade rainbow pizza was a real hit with both the kids & the parents. It’s a really simple way to encourage children to eat more veggies as it looks fun and vibrant. I just bought pizza bases from the super market, topped it with tomato puree and grated cheese before adding halved plum tomatoes, red pepper, yellow pepper, brocolli & red onion. Just bake in the oven following the instructions on the pizza base packet.

Star Sandwiches

I promised you a use for those outcut stars didn’t I? So here we are, star shaped sandwiches with a filling of your choice. We used dairylea cheese (Florence’s favourite) and ham. 

Unicorn Horn Flumps

No rainbow party is complete without a touch of unicorn! Flumps make great unicorn horns.

Rainbow Jelly

All of our Rainbow Party Food was served upon white plates (mostly) sitting on layered coloured table cloths. 

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Florence’s Rainbow Themed Birthday Party

Florence’s Rainbow Themed Birthday Party

I can hardly believe it’s over! I’ve spent the last month or so planning Florence’s first Birthday Party and on Saturday all of my plans came to life. 60 of our friends and family came to celebrate our little girl turning one and we honestly […]

DIY Summer Cake Smash / First Birthday Photo shoot

DIY Summer Cake Smash / First Birthday Photo shoot

Last week, in preparation for Florence’s first birthday we headed out to a local park for a little DIY First Birthday photo shoot and an attempt at a cake smash. Having turned to Pinterest for some inspiration, I knew exactly the look I was after. […]

Darling Florence, Now You are One

Darling Florence, Now You are One

Oh little girl, I can’t quite believe I’m writing this already. Today you turn one. A whole year. Words cannot describe the joy you have brought into our lives. You’ve filled a piece of my heart that had been void for as long as I can remember and I cannot even begin to tell you how much we love you.

At one year old, your cheeky little personality is really starting to shine through. You are so incredibly funny, and your little quirks have me and your Daddy laughing every single day. You know how to play a crowd and love being the centre of attention. You’re also doing a good job of living up to your ‘Drama Baby’ status you first picked up when you were in my tummy. Oh my, my, you certainly know your mind and you can throw a tantrum to rival even your Aunty Libby! 

This last month, it feels like you have grown at the speed of lightening. You have finally have taken your first steps and are now a fully fledged walker. It’s still quicker sometimes to just crawl but for the most part you waddle your way around wherever you go. You now point to things you want with your pointy finger and have finally mastered using your shape sorter!

Chnaging your nappy and getting you dressed has become somewhat of an olympic sport these days, and during the day if we are at home you will do anything in your power to avoid having to put your trousers on so often you just run around in your nappy.

I’ve been making a real conscious effort to try and get out and see more children so you can play.  You still absolutely love music and dancing. We have started going to a weekly Music class and even just in the few weeks we’ve been going you have really started to join in with the actions and playing with the other children. We’ve been seeing more of our friends and your cousins too.

Now that the weather is better – she types as thunder and lightening fill the sky outside – we’ve been able to be outside so much more and you truly are at your happiest when you are out and about and able to roam free.

Our new favourite place is the farm and now that we’re members we go there at least once a fortnight. You love running around the play area and giggling at the naughty goats who manage to make Mama jump every single time!

We’v also been to the beach with Aunty Tasha, Uncle Dean and Maisie. We had a lovely day at the sea, playing with the pebbles and paddling in the sea before exploring the town. 

You have grown so much, no longer a teeny tiny baby, you are now confidently toddling around on your own two feet getting into everything and anything and definitely keeping us on our toes!

These are a few of your favourite things…

Dogs, mostly Alfie, but dogs in general are enough to make you fall over giggling!

Teddy bears

If you’re Happy and you Know It


Cuddles & kisses


Days at the farm

Blueberries – God help anyone who tries to eat any of your blueberries!

The ‘Ready….’ game you play with Daddy

Alfie’s lead

Bath time

I am so excited to watch you grow and to see who you become. We love you so very much, little girl, so very very much. Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

Love Mama x

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Joie i-Level Car Seat Review

Joie i-Level Car Seat Review

When it comes to things1 you absolutely must buy for a baby, a car seat is at the top of the list. When we had to start shopping for a carseat, despite my previous years working in the baby industry, this was the one area […]

Baby number 2

Baby number 2

We have reached that stage, with Florence about to turn one, when the conversation has started to include ‘the next baby’ and we’ve had a few questions lately as to whether or not we will be having another little one any time soon. I know […]