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Yoohoo Mail Box #1

Yoohoo Mail Box #1

It’s a very rare occasion when I walk through our town center without sneaking into Paperchase and stocking up on funny post cards and obviously essential stationery. I have a seemingly bottomless desk drawer filled to bursting with all sorts of stationery “stuff” as Mr […]

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Foundation

I recently went on a mission to find a more heavy foundation for Autumn. All through the summer I have been wearing the Rimmel Wake me up Foundation and I honestly love it. It’s light, easy to apply and doesn’t leave you feeling your face has […]

The Cosmo Blog Awards – My Nominations

The Cosmo Blog Awards – My Nominations

So here they are! The Cosmo Blog Awards are open for nominations, and so I thought I would share a few of the wonderful reads I’m going to be nominating. I’ve followed many a blogs since before I even found myself in this little corner of the internet and here are four of my favourites.

Best for Beauty: A Yellow Brick BlogImage42

I’m not sure if it’s because I see her posts everywhere or whether I’m just naturally drawn to her not so little blog, but if ever I am looking for a beauty review or product recommendation, Kirstie’s little corner of the internet is the first place I go.

Best use of Photography: Away with the Fairies

away with the fairies

I’ve only recently discovered Hannah’s blog, but I have spent more hours than I probably should have done gawping the expertly chosen photos which adorn each post. For someone who owns a pretty nice camera but has no idea how it works, I look on in envy at the way Hannah cleverly captures the light and shade, positions her often simple subjects just right and brings them to life when they are accompanied by handpicked complimentary objects in the background. Unlike so many blogs I read (mine included) Hannah has a knack of keeping things consistent but adding unique little touches to every single photo to make sure we as readers don’t feel like we’ve seen it all before.

Best for Fitness: Budding Smiles


Another Hannah, and this time a very dear friend of mine. Hannah started her #bloggingtojogging series earlier this year and I was honored to host her weekly linky while she was redesigning her blog. She has been an amazing inspiration providing a regular prompt for people with fitness & health goals to set them out on papaer (ok… screens) and just keep going. In such a short period of time, she has come so far and I am in awe of her fitness achievements so far this year.

Best Vlog: This Mama Life


This one is a no brainer! I know Sarah quite wella s she is an ambassador for my little baby business, but I am quite honestly addicted to her weekend vlog series! A mix of beauty, fashion & family which I love love love. I thoroughly recommend you go check her out… and subscribe… and nominate her. ;)

And.. on the off chance, if you quite like checking in on my sometimes aimless ramblings and everything else here, I really would love it if you’d nominate me too!



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Autumn Work Wear Wishlist

Autumn Work Wear Wishlist

Autumn is pretty much here and I am soooooo excited. I love almost everything about Autumn. The colours, the cosy evenings, the clothes! I’ve been putting together this wishlist of New Look lovelies for a couple of weeks and I’ve finally whittled my favorites from […]

St Leonard’s on Sea & The Bathing Hut

St Leonard’s on Sea & The Bathing Hut

We’ve just returned home from a week away to St Leonards, a little sea side town just outside of Hastings. We stayed at the Combe Haven Holiday Park in a pet friendly caravan. I think I will write a little bit more about the holiday park […]

What food should I serve at my party?

What food should I serve at my party?

The food you choose for your party depends entirely on the theme, occasion & venue. Once you have these three things sorted you can then decide on the food (And drink) you will serve your guests.

Here are my top tips for planning party food whatever the occasion.

Afternoon Tea

Kate Murnane AKA Dolly Bow Bow’s Baby Shower


Whether you are a star baker or prefer to hit the Tesco cake aisle, serving afternoon tea is a really lovely catering alternative and ideal for afternoon events. We threw my Mum a little afternoon tea birthday party this year with a mixture of home made and shop bought cakes & scones presented on pretty cake plates and stands. Pastries, sandwiches & sausage rolls are great too if you want to add a few savoury options to your selection.

When it comes to drinks, make sure you have tea & coffee flowing throughout the event and don’t forget to offer some soft drinks like fruit juices for those guests who don’t like tea or coffee. If you are pulling out all the stops, why don’t you offer a range of different teas and coffees too?


You might choose to host a traditional barbecue with burgers, sausages and chicken etc. Barbecues are always a hit in the summer for low key birthdays and get together’s and there really is nothing quite like standing in the sun with your mates with a beer in one hand and a burger in the other… according to Sean anyway.

Along with your barbecued food, you will likely have to provide some extras to accompany them. Don’t forget rolls & sauces for your burgers & sausages and fried onions are always nice to have as an option as well as floppy cheese.

A salad table with child & vegetarian friendly foods is also necessary at most barbecues. Simple bowls of flavoured pasta, salad sticks and hummous and things like potatoe salad and coleslaw are favourites of ours.

While a barbecue may seem easy to arrange,  there are a couple of draw backs. You are 90% reliant on having good weather, especially if you are limited on inside space. On top of this, someone, likely you, will have to spend a considerate mount of time stuck behind the grill cooking rather than enjoying the party and socialising with your guests.

Finger Buffet 

I’m not sure I have been to many parties where the ever popular finger buffet hasn’t made an appearance at some point, especially those hosted in a hall or pub with lots of guests attending.

These are great, as you can offer your guests a wide variety of different foods to enjoy at your event without comitting time during your party to cook & serve – people just grab a plate when they fancy it.

Foods like chicken nuggets, pizzas, sandwiches and samosas are firm favourites in this kind of spread  and while you may not have to cook and serve during the event, it does take time before the party to prepare and present. Allow yourself plenty of time the morning before and maybe ask a few friends to bring a dish to reduce your work load… and expense!

Home / Slow cooked Dishes

Naans & Garlic Breads
Helena’s Pink & Gold Summer Party

A great alternative to barbecues and , hot and slow cooked dishes are ideal for both indoor and out door events where there are around 20 guests. Things like chilli con carne, chicken tikka & vegetable curry are great served with a selection of Naan & Garlic Breads. Alternatively you could cook up some baked potatoes and serve them with your crock pot dishes.

The advantage of this type of catering is that you can throw everything into the slow cooker in the morning & leave it cooking until you’re ready to serve your guests.

Themed Food

Some of the best chidlren’s parties I’ve attended / planned have been themed. While decorations and games are a great way to portray your party theme, don’t forget you could also extend this to your food. Pinterest has lots of ideas for different themed food ideas and over the next few months I will be sharing some ideas of my own and some I’ve seen done by other people.

Catering Vans & Fast Food

It is becoming more and more popular,especially at weddings, to hire food vans as an alternative to traditional catering. Whether you fancy fish & chips, crepes, burgers or ice cream, you will find just the company in your local directory.

barn dance food
The Baby Tilda Barn Dance

Sit Down Meals

When it comes to catering for a dinner party or formal event, it really is a whole different kettle of fish altogether. You will need to plan a versatile menu with two or three options per course to suit all of your guests. I will explore this a little bit more in a separate post, but it might be a good idea to bring in an external caterer, especially if you are providing food for a large number of guests.

Check out my pinterest board here for more inspiration and if you would like some more top tips or information on my event planning services click here.

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When life gives you lemons…

When life gives you lemons…

Today life gave us a pretty gigantic sour lemon. Redundancy. That’s right, Mr has been made redundant today and having only worked there for 2 and a bit years, there’s no great big sparkly pay off package either. It’s put a pretty big hold on […]

Couch to 5k – Week 1

Couch to 5k – Week 1

On Sunday, I found myself alone at home while Mum & Sean ventured off to Wembley to be wined and dined in hospitality at the Charity Shield match and Libby was… doing whatever it is she does on a Sunday afternoon when the iPad seems […]