Twenty Five

Twenty Five

Twenty five.

It sounds so grown up when you say it out loud. I’m caught between feeling way too young to be in my mid twenties and being already older than my years and it’s a really strange one! Today I’m as close to thirty as I am twenty and that is quite a scary thought.

I’ve spent the day in the company of my favourite people. Woken by a croaky “Mama” from the next room I was greeted by a soggy kiss and a big Florrie cuddle and frankly I can’t think of a better way to have started the day.

My sister gave me my card & presents before setting off for school. She spoiled me rotten with a bunch of flowers and a Pandora charm and a really lovely card.

Sean had no work today so it meant we could have a day together as a family to do whatever we pleased and after a slow, cooked breakfast filled morning, we headed out to one of our favourite places to finally take advantage of their play park. We met my friends and her children there and just had a lovely couple of hours playing and chatting.

Florence is full of cold at the moment so when we got home, she fell sound asleep of her own accord on my chest like she used to as a baby. It was quite wonderful to just let the world stop for a little while and soak up those rare sleepy snuggles with my big girl.

I managed to book a last minute, but well overdue, appointment at the salon as a little present to me from me. That hour of time out just for myself was golden. It’s so easy to let those simple self care things fall to the bottom of the pile but I find it makes such a difference when I pop it at the top every once in a while. The ladies at the salon even arranged cake & sung happy birthday!

I came home to open the rest of my cards and presents with my mum, sister, Sean & Florrie and we had a Chinese for tea. I’ll admit, dinner time was hardly the relaxed joyful event that previous birthday Tea’s have been thanks to a Florence melt down but would I have changed it for the world? Really? Probably not. We had cream cakes for pudding and then once Florence was bathed and ready for bed, Florence & I headed upstairs to wait for Sean and get cosy before watching a watch a film all together.

It’s been a different kind of birthday this year but if you’re a Mama reading this you’ll completely understand that it’s been just as perfect, even more so maybe, because I got to be a Mama too.

Today I turned twenty five. Twenty five!

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