Out with the old, in with the new with eBay | AD

Out with the old, in with the new with eBay | AD

I have two problems. I have a very small house and too much stuff! Not to mention my slight shopping addiction & significant lack of spare pennies to fund it. That in mind, I’ve been having a big clear out of both mine & Florence’s wardrobe in a bid to gain a bit more space and in tow, a few extra pennies too!

Most of our clothes and other bits are in too good condition to just throw away and with bootfair season well and truly over {plus, imagine bootfairing with a three month old! Urgh!} I decided to give selling on eBay a go.  For so many, eBay is the first place they will head for quality used items and I’ve recently bagged a couple of bargains on eBay myself, including my gorgeous Cath Kidston changing bag, so I gathered someone else might be able to give some of our unused items a new lease of life too.

Once I’d gathered all of our bits & bobs together, I took to photographing them against a clear background flooded with natural light to ensure they looked eye catching for potential buyers. For this I just used my iPhone as it made it easier to add them to the app later on. These really lovely but rarely warn boots were up first and I made sure to take photos of them from every angle to demonstrate just how well looked after they had been and to show off all of the design features.

ebay 2

Once photographed it was really easy to upload and list them using a few simple steps on the eBay mobile app.  Once I’d named the listing with as many key words as I could (Colour, style & brand are all good to include –  just think what you might search if you were looking for them yourself!) I wrote a detailed description of them along with a suggestion of what they might look good paired with.


Once I had decided on a starting price for my auction style listing and sorted out all of the postage costs, all I had to do was click ‘done’ and voila! Bidding would start at £3.00 – probably all I would have got for them at a Boot fair! . IMG_3553

I initially listed the boots for seven days and after not very much activity for the first four, people started to ‘watch’ them and then bids came in thick & fast. I’d get a notification on my phone each time somebody bid and I could check the progress, reply to questions about my items and see when payment had gone through all while out and about thanks to the app.

The auction ended at £9.50, £6 over what I thought they might go for! All that was left to do was post them and off they went.

I’ve since listed a whole other bunch of our clothes including my Cath Kidston Balloon dress and some very cute baby girl bundles.  I used the website to upload some of the bits but it was definitely easier (and quicker!) to use the mobile app. 

You can find out more about my eBay selling experience below.

We’ve decided to put any money we make towards some new sanity saving storage for all of the other ‘stuff’ we can’t get rid of just yet!

Are you having an Autumn Clear out too? What would you sell on eBay?

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