My Promise to Them

My Promise to Them

You might have seen that earlier this mont I posted about the promises I’m making to myself when it comes to self care this year. If not, you can see that here. Today though, I wanted to talk about a promise I am making to my children. And yours. And theirs.

Last week, while out for a walk with the children my friend and I came to notice the sheer amount of rubbish littered around one of our favourite local country parks and it got us talking. It is one of those things that seems to have just become accepted. We’re so busy with our lives that often we can walk down a street and simply not notice the litter lined pathways, but that’s something that needs to change.

It got me thinking (again) about the impact our current lifestyles are having on our world. Since having children, I’ve become so much more aware of the future and the fact that they will live on beyond mine & your time on earth. You see, it’s not our planet really. It belongs to our children, our children’s children. The things we do now will have a big impact on how their lives will be in and when you put it like that it’s clear that we have no choice but to start looking after it better.

For a while now, I have been looking into ways we can live a more sustainable lifestyle and this week, I’ve taken the first step to reducing the amount of ‘disposable’ nappies we use by finally biting the bullet and deciding to give cloth nappies a go. I figured that while we may never go completely reusable, every time we do use one means one less nappy will end up in landfill and changes like this are all baby steps in the right direction.

I’ve also vowed to shop a little smarter, opting for sustainably made wooden toys instead of plastic where I can & trying to reduce the amount of unnecessary packaging during our weekly food shop. Instead of throwing things away straight away, we’ve also been making use of things like tissue tubes, bottle tops & cardboard in our play and repurposing household items that would ordinarily have found themselves in the bin.

My friend and I have decided that once a week, while we are out and about, we’re going to stop and pick up any rubbish around us that really should be in the bin too. I’ve been looking into and initiative called Keep Britain Tidy and am really keen to get behind the cause.


So yes, I’m making a promise to my children, that I’ll do my very best to do everything I can to look after their planet so that it’s a safe place for them to live. How about you?

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