I’m proud of what my body did but I don’t like how it looks

I’m proud of what my body did but I don’t like how it looks

You know those photographs people post of you online that make you squirm? Well, after a weekend spent with Bloggers, quite a few of them have popped up over the last couple of weeks.

A little over four months ago, I bought our beautiful baby girl into the world. I carried her and nurtured her for nine whole months and then, when the time came, I gave birth to her. And I am so proud of my body for enabling me to do that. In my eyes, pregnancy and birth and all that comes with it is a miracle.IMG_0812 b

During pregnancy I loved dressing my growing bump. It was expected and accepted that I would gain weight while growing a baby, very few don’t and for those 9 months I was okay with that.  When Florence was born, my initial giant bump deflated fairly quickly and I was actually so confident that I would be back in my pre-pregnancy clothes in no time. I was of course still a bit chubby, I’d just had a baby, but four months on, that excuse is wearing off and I am nowhere near close to getting back into my size 10s. In fact, I seem to have just got bigger & bigger as the weeks have gone on.  It might seem a bit silly to you, it probably would have to me too before – I have always been one to shout about body confidence after pregnancy and that everyone should love their ‘Mum Tums’  but the truth is, I am feeling pretty rubbish about the way I look just lately.

10 days post partum
10 days post partum

I do not know how to dress this new shape of mine, I hate most photos of me and I just feel a bit bleugh. So this week I’ve taken the initial steps to getting back into shape as well as starting a healthier & more active lifestyle. I’ve started at a weekly Zumba class and am hoping to go to Clubbercise each week too.

3 months on...
3 months on…

I’ve also signed up to Slimming World again, but this time I am going to a group rather than doing it online. I think I will stay more motivated if I have to attend each week rather than avoiding the scales at home. I went to my first group yesterday & despite turning up an hour late, forgetting to get cash out and having a mini breakdown upon arrival I am so glad I did. I’m 24 hours into my slimming world journey & I’m feeling inspired and excited to be doing something for myself!

So here I am, 11st,8lb with a target to get healthy, get fit & lose a stone & a half by Christmas.

If you have any tips, tricks or advice on getting more active & making the most of Slimming World I’d be so grateful!

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  • You look fantastic, don’t be too hard on yourself – fair enough if you want to get healthy and feel like ‘you’ again, but you still look amazing! :) xx

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