6 Ways to Survive the February Blues

6 Ways to Survive the February Blues

February is a funny old month, one which seems to arrive with no warning and knock you off your feet when you’re least expecting it. I suppose it’s the weather, the gloom, the passing of Christmas and the novelty of the new year wearing off that does it or maybe the still recovering bank accounts, but what ever it is, I know so many people who would rather skip February altogether and spring straight into March. To help us all get through a rough February day I’ve put together these 5 steps to beating the February Blues which are bound to put a smile on your face.

C R E A T E  A  N O S T A L G I C  P L A Y  L I S T |  Nothing makes me smile and bring back memories than listening to a playlist of happy songs from yesteryear! If ever I need cheering up you can be sure to find a bit of S Club and Blue on my spotify. Avoid Adelle  & Sam Smith like the plague and find your zig a zig aahhh for an instant mood lift!

S U R R O U N D   Y O U R S E L F  W I T H  Y O U R  F A V O U R I T E  P E O P L E |  There is nothing better than being around people who have the ability to make you laugh and relax on a day when you feel a bit rubbish. I rely on my besties so much on days like this and they are so good at lifting the weight from my shoulders. Rely on your friends and family, that’s what they’re there for.

E A T  T H E  C A K E |  The diet can wait. As my friend Fi always says, #cakeishappiness. Noone cares about diets in February, it’s cold, gloomy and all I ever want is comfort food and to cuddle up in the warm. On the days where it all gets a bit much, eat the darn cake. Eat another if you want. It might mean you have to do a few more laps next month but right now that cake is necessary.  Essential even. Eat the sodding cake.

T A K E  A  W A L K |  Wrap up, grab your wellies and take a walk somewhere. I’ve been walking to & from work (10k round trip) three days a week and even though at the beginning it feels like a bit of a mission, especially when it’s raining, trust me by the time you reach where you’re going you’ll feel 10 times better. Maybe listen to your Playlist while you walk for double happy points.

I N D U L G E  I N  S O M E  M E  T I M E | Run a bubble bath, style your hair and take some time to pamper yourself. Wear a new lippy, retouch your nail polish and spray on your favourite perfume, you will feel better in an instant. See my top tips to help you refuel here.

B R I G H T E N  U P  Y O U R  H O M E | Whether you hang some new photos or place a few vases of flowers around your room, new and brighter scenery will help get you out of your rut.

Wishing you lots of happy February Days. I’d love to know your tips, so pop them below if you’d like to share :)

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