Excuse the mess…

Excuse the mess…

Since Florence was born our house appears to have become the site of a mothercare explosion. There is rarely a day that goes by that my living room floor is not covered in toys, nappies, muslins & baby clothes. Our bedroom is the same, as is the nursery. We get up in the morning and hurricane Florence blows through and BOOM! Stuff. Everywhere.

Of course, it is not Florence that makes the mess. It’s me. I am known to family and friends to be incrediby untidy. Somehow I manage to walk into a room and it will immediately resemble a bomb site. It used to really bother me, but now I just see it as a talent.

I think partly it is because I just have so much stuff. My handbag is full of all sorts ready for any eventuality, my shelves & draws hold all number of things that ‘might come in handy one day’ and I have an unhealthy obsession with clothes – both mine & Florences!

I’m the same when I’m at work, it must drive my colleagues mad. I rarely throw away paperwork, and while it’s organised beautifully in alphabetical order and everything has its place, before my maternity leave started I had to buy yet another folder to hold it all in!

Furniture for work – the UK’s supplier of Next Day Office Furniture –  have been looking into what your horoscope says about how messy/tidy you are and I think they’ve got mine pretty spot on to be honest!

organised-mess (1)

Does your star sign reflect how tidy & organised you are?

*This is a collaborative post. 

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