Creating a work-at-home environment that works for me

Creating a work-at-home environment that works for me

So it looks more and more likely that rather than returning to my day job when maternity leave ends, I’ll be working from home for myself. No final decisions have been made, nothing official, but the way things are going it would seem I will be able to stay home with Florence while working around her needs. I am both excited and incredibly nervous at the prospect of being solely responsible for bringing in some money off my own back. While working for a company has it’s downfalls (office politics, air con wars and not being able to show up in your pj’s being just a few) there’s no questioning the value of the security of employment.  In order to make sure that as a family we get the most out of me working from home, there are a few things I need to put into place to help with my own productivity and to create a working environment that works for me.

I think firstly, the thing that is most important for me is routine and having a set daily plan. Being disorganised and winging it just makes my head hurt and I tend to end up burying my head in the sand until I’m so stressed out it all falls apart. With that in mind, I have treated myself to a ‘Happiness Planner’ and have outlined my monthly & daily goals in there to ensure I have something to work to. At the end of each day, I can tick back and check everything I’ve done off the list.

Another thing that I really need to look at is where I work. Right now, any blog or social media work I do, I do when I get 5 minutes while sitting on the sofa in front of the tv or in bed at night. I know that for me, I would be a lot more productive and focused if I had a dedicated work space. I would like to buy a small, white desk and a comfortable office chair to place in Florence’s nursery so I can work while she plays (until she moves into her own room at night, and then I’d move the desk into our bedroom.) Keeping my workspace clear of clutter would be important to me too. I am possibly the world’s most untidy person but when it comes to working I like everything to be just so. Along with the desk, I would like to invest in a proper filing system, perhaps adapting a IKEA KALLAX unit to fit exactly what I’d need.

Making sure there is plenty of Natural light and my work space is lovely and light will be a big factor when it comes to sorting everything out. I once worked in a tiny office in which all of the walls were painted matte back. It was such a depressing & demotivating work space. All the desks, phones, PC’s and chairs were black too. Eurgh! So yeah, a nice white and bright space to work will do me just fine thank you.

To keep me motivated I am going to have a board of quotes & images of things we want to do with the money I earn. The big one is to save enough for a deposit on a mortgage but we’ll also be putting my earnings to a family holiday each year and days out as a family. I think I will probably try and make it a bit like a photo wall. I generally work best with some background noise, silence just makes me all fidgetty so I will be counting on our Sonos to play some of my favorite inspirational music too.

So that’s what my ideal work environment would be, what would yours be like? Slater & Gordon Lawyers have put together this infographic all about people’s thoughts on their working life and how the environment they work in effects their productivity. The-perfect-working-world (2)

*This is a collaborative post.

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  • I am so disorganised with blogging since having my baby. Before I used to have every post in a spreadsheet and have all the dates written down about when things were being published and what social sites they’ve been shared too and now I can’t even do that, I can only just about get a blog post out every so often. I need to get my head around working at home and looking after the baby at the same time!
    Much love, Caitylis x x

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