Blogging Goals for 2017

Blogging Goals for 2017

I’ve been in and out of this blogging game for quite a while now. A good few years. To start with I worked with bloggers to build my brand, then dipped my toe in the water for a bit, stepped back and focused on other things and came back with a bit of a half hearted attempt to make sing at the beginning of 2016.

Since announcing my pregnancy back in October, this little blog of mine has become what I always wanted it to be. A diary of the good and the bad, a chance to record memories which will one day be looked back upon with fond familiarity.

This year, I really want to build upon that even further and boost my confidence when it comes to recording the every day things that make up our life here and so I’ve decided to set myself some goals to help me along the way.

T A K E  B E T T E R  P H O T O ‘ S | I can’t deny it, sometimes the photographs I put are far from what I’d call blog worthy. With high up windows, getting natural light for decent photos can be a real challenge, especially during the winter months. We are going to invest in some soft boxes and also try and experiment with a few daylight light bulbs in order to combat this issue and showcase products and home features a little better. Also, we’d really like a new camera ready for when the baby arrives in order to capture his / her first moments in tip top quality but without a big budget we are struggling a little – any recommendations would be gratefully received.

P O S T  M O R E  R E G U L A R L Y | I’ve made no secret of the fact that my blog is a place for me to offload ad write about what feels right at the time, but this last year it’s fair to say that my posting pattern has been a little sporadic. While I quite like the authenticity that creates for my blog, I would quite like to get myself into a bit more of a pattern when it comes to posting. As I mentioned above, this is a place for us to record memories and with our life about to change dramatically with the arrival of our first baby I don’t want anything to go by undocumented – I’m told too often how quickly they grow up! With that in mind I would like to post three times a week with a mix of family, beauty and travel posts, but I also don’t want this hobby of mine to become a chore so will be mindful of the fact that if I don’t feel like writing one day I wont force it.

G E T  M Y  S O C I A L  M E D I A  S P A R K  B A C K |  When I first entered the world of twitter and blogging, social media was a much more ‘social’ environment than it is now. I made some of my dearest friends when working with the blogging community whilst running Beebies and it’s sad to think that that spark, that organic feel of things has gone a little. Now a days it seems like everyone is out for themselves a bit online and there’s no real socialising anymore. This year, I would like to find that again and start to make some real meaningful connections.

C R E A T E  M O R E  O F  A  B R A N D | I’ve recently renewed the look of the blog with a new logo and layout. I created the new logo in PicMonkey using a few different techniques I’ve picked up along the way. This tutorial really helped when adding the gold shimmer to the text and I found a great website with all sorts of fonts – I finally decided on Mrs Glow. In the next few weeks, I am going to take on the task of going back through all of my photos and re-watermarking them so that they match the new design and then hope to continue building upon the new look Ami Elizabeth brand throughout the year.

Have you made any blogging goals for 2017? I’d love to know what they are and whether you have any tips for how I can achieve mine.

Wishing you a wonderful start to the year!



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