3 Toddler Approved Easter Meal Ideas {GIFTED}

3 Toddler Approved Easter Meal Ideas {GIFTED}

Ever feel like you just keep serving up the same meals for your little one week after week? Recently I’ve noticed Florence had started to become quite fussy at meal times and I began to wonder if she was just a bit bored of what I was putting in front of her. In a bid to make breakfasts and lunch times a bit more interesting, I have been playing with some different meal ideas to keep things interesting and hopefully ignite her love of food again. With Easter coming up I thought I’d share three  plates I’ve been making for Florrie in case you needed some inspiration for some fun ways to serve your tot’s meals this Easter.

Plastic Egg Snack Box

This was such a fun little breakfast to serve up! Basically, I’d filled three open plastic eggs {gifted} with six of her favourite breakfast ingredients – cheerios, rice snaps, blueberries, grapes (quartered), a strawberry and the contents of an Ella’s kitchen fruit pouch with a chocolate brioche on the side. I gave Florence the box closed so she could open and see the surprise and her little face was a picture. She gobbled up the whole lot too.

Easter Pancakes

These Easter shaped pancakes make for the perfect treat breakfast or snack served up with a handful of your tot’s favourite berries. I used a chick and an egg shaped cookie cutter {gifted} to cut out the shapes in some shop bought pancakes. I spread nutella on the eggs and decorated them with sprinkles and strips of strawberries and squeezed some banana fruit puree onto the chick, using a raisin for his eye. Needless to say, it didn’t take long for these to disappear!

Easter Friend Sandwiches

How adorable are these little Easter friend sarnies! They are simply dairy lea sandwiches cut into a bunny & a chick shape using some cookie cutters. The rabbit is fairly straight forward, and the chick was made using an egg shaped cutter and then cutting some of the spare sandwich into triangles for the wings. Top with blueberry eyes and a carrot beak and voila! I served them on top of spinach and cut some strawberry slices into flower shapes for extra fun. 

I hope you can see how really easy these fun 3 toddler approved Easter meals are to make. I’d love to know if you try any of the above three and what your little one makes of them. 

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