After seeing in the new year with our friends and celebrating by sleeping in on New Years day, I started the year quite poorly, passing out and having to take time off from work to get myself and my then bump back to health. But after a week of bed rest we had the excitement of our gender scan at 20 weeks where it was revealed our little baby bump was a girl and things started to get quite exciting. We started to shop for clothes and bits and bobs for the baby and also bought a new, more family friendly car & a new washing machine. Apparently January was a big shopping month for us! 20 Week Scan Gender Reveal
January New Car

By the end of January, I was feeling a lot better and we headed out for dinner to celebrate my friends birthday. It was so nice to get all dressed up and spend time with the girls!
January Rosie's Birthday


05.02.2017 -We sighed a massive sigh of relief when we reached viability in February!24 weeks

Aside from a couple of Friday nights out past 9pm, we laid pretty low this month.


03.03.2017 – Bump Buddies at The Baby Show

I headed off to the Baby Show with my friend, Jennie and with just two months to go until out due date I got some serious shopping done! It was really lovely to spend some time with my bump buddy and also meet some of the brands I’ve loved for ages.

05.03.2017 – Painting the Nursery

11.03.2017 – Making Finishing Touches

18.03.2017 – Bumpy Bridesmaid

I was also a bridesmaid for my Uncle & Aunty at the end of March and rocked my 30 week bump in a beautiful dusky purple dress.

March - Bridesmaidpregnant bridesmaid 2

23.03.2017 – Work Awards Ceremony  in Brighton


Ahh, I loved April! It was such an exciting month for me. It was all about getting ready for our little girl’s arrival.

08.04.2017 – BUMP SHOOT

maternity photo shoot.4 maternity photo shoot.6 maternity photo shoot3





14.04.2017 – Easter Fundraising for Kicks Count

Easter saw me and my ginormous bump donning a rather fetching Rabbit suit in order to raise some very well needed funds for our friends over at Kicks Count.

22.04.2017 – Mum’s Birthday Safari

After the whole April the Giraffe phenomenon, my Mum developed a momentary obsession with giraffes and so for her birthda we took her to PortLympne or a zoo safari followed by afternoon tea. A giraffe actually put its head in the truck! April Zoo Safari


04.05.2017 – First day of Maternity Leave

05.07.2017 – A Bumpy Scare

After not feeling the baby move for some time, we headed to the hospital to get checked out. It turned out, that while baby seemed fine and got back to her normal tricks the machine showed I was having mild contractions at 36 weeks! reduced fetal movements 2

07.05.2017- Is the baby coming?

We spent Sean’s Birthday quietly at home, but I was secretly having mild and frequent contractions all day! Thankfully they slowed off and we managed to make it through another 23 days before she made her arrival!

11.05.2017 – Nerves at 37 weeks

As D-Day approached what was about to happen suddenly became very very real and I started to wonder if I was truly ready for motherhood! 37 weeks pregnant

15.05.2017 – Lazy Days!

19.05.2017 – Rescued from Cabin Fever

26.05.2017 – The Great Walk the Baby Out begins
I made the most of the sunshine by sunbatheing in the garden and then operation Walk the Baby Out began. Shopping, Dog Walks, stair climbing, the works. Of course, followed by devouring the entire confectionary Aisle of Tesco. May - Sun bathing

30.05.2017 – Sweep Day

After a cervical sweep we headed off for yet another 5k walk. An afternoon of walking, birthing ball bouncing and a little bit of nesting clearly worked because at 5 to midnight my waters broke and  contractions came thick & fast!

Another day, another 5k walk around the Lakes. I am 40 weeks and 2 days pregnant today and after another confusing midwife appointment I’m feeling a bit deflated. Last week my midwife said I would be able to have a stretch & sweep today to see if we could get things moving. Today as she went to send me on my way after the normal BP & HR checks I asked about the sweep and she said she’s not supposed to do it until 41 weeks but would do it with my consent. I was a bit taken aback but had been so worked up to have one that I just agreed and said yes. Now I’m wondering if I should have asked more questions. Did you have a sweep at 40 weeks? How did it go? #40weekspregnant #pregnancy #sweep #membranesweep #bumpwatch #midwife #pbloggers #mbloggers

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31.05.2017 – After an intense 17 hours of labour, our world was changed by the arrival of our beautiful girl, Florence Ivy born at 5 to 5pm weighing 8lb 2oz. Judging by our faces in this photo we were both a bit nackered! birth story



June went by in a blurry baby daze.

01.06.2017 – Coming Home

We were discharged from hospital at midday and made our way home where my sister was busy tidying up for us. I was still riding the thrill of that ______ you only get when you’ve just had a baby and really was on top of the world. Sean’s Grandma and brother & sister in law came over in the evening to meet Florence and get some early cuddles. Florence Ivy 03062017

Florence Ivy 01062017

03.06.2017 – Baby’s first outing

04.06.2017 – Who needs sleep anyway?

Following a night of non stop crying, I walked around to my Mums in the early hours of the morning in an attempt to settle our newest arrival. Typically, as soon as we got there she fell sound asleep! After a mammoth nap, it was time for a quick bottle before heading to Sean’s parents for the afternoon. Florence Ivy Smith 03062017

florence daddy grandad

07.06.2017 – One Week OldFlorence-Ivy-one-week-old

14.06.207 – Mama & Flo

Florence Ivy 1406201719.06.2017 – Sean’s Fathers Day

It was UNBELIEVABLY HOT so we spent the majority of the day indoors with the blinds closed and about 6 fans in attempt to stay cool. We did manage to get out to the park though once the evening air began to cool. Florence Iv 18062017 Fathers Day 2

21.06.2017 – When the heat got too much!

My goodness it’s been an emotional few days in our house. This heat turned my super chilled little girl into some kind of Raging angry monster who would not be put down for even a second 😫. Thankfully we’ve had a better day today (bar the outburst in the photo) and she’s now soundly napping in her @poddle_pod next to her daddy while I finally get to have a bath for the first time in days. We even got to eat our dinner together tonight, hands free & everything and considering we’ve both been poorly with tummy bugs we were so in need of some good, wholesome food! Here’s to cooler days, happy babies and finally being able to wash! Oh and a huge thank you to my lovely friend @buddingsmiles who sent me a gorgeous @applesandpips package which cheered me up massively in a moment of despair 😘. #igmotherhood #lifecloseup #heatwave #newborn #mummylife #florenceivy #babygirl #angrybaby #pbloggers #mbloggers

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07.07.2017 – Meeting her Baby FriendsIMG_1177


08.07.2017  Grandma’s 81st Birthday Party family photo


09.07.2017 – Florence’s First Smiles6 week baby update 6

13.07.2017 – Cuddles with Aunty LibbyFlorence Ivy 13072017

16.07.2017 – Lazy Sundays


12 – 13 .08.2017 – Failed attempts at family photos!

Little Fant Farm 2

week 1320.08.2017 – Northampton Balloon FestivalBALLOON FESTIVAL 8





03.09.2017 – Florence’s Christening

What better way to mark Florence’s arrival than a Christening  followed by an afternoon of celebrating?IMG_3385
IMG_3127 IMG_3325 IMG_33662 IMG_3389

21.09.2017 – Happy giggly baby!

30.09.2017 – BritMums LiveIMG_4038 IMG_4027


22.10.2017 – Pumpkin Picking

One year on from taking our pregnancy announcement photo’s we returned to Pumpkin Moon to pick our own pumpkins once more, this time with a little Flo in tow. # 22554889_1819487044746388_9006453592618270831_n

31.10.2017 – Halowe’en pumpkin baby play 2 pumpkin baby play


04.11.2017 – 12.11.2017 – Our First Family Holiday IMG_0385 IMG_0438 IMG_0522 UQSU6784 XYGP5260


Florence’s Photo Shoot
Florence Baby's First Christmas Florence's Baby's First Christmas Photo shoot 4 Christmas Discovery Box 5

Florence meets Santa…

We went to see Father Christmas with our friends and it’s safe to say that we left the big ma feeling quite dishevelled. Florence did a giant, smelly poo as we went in and then proceeded to scream the entire time! She did manage to show off her raspberry blowing skills to the reindeer though! 26234635_10156083068432990_1775088845_n



Christmas Eve

We spent the most magical night of the year with my Mum, Sister and Harry at our house eating all the food & playing Cluedo.
Christmas Eve 2

Christmas Eve 3

Christmas Evee

Christmas Day

Florence’s First Christmas day was filled with love, family and laughter. The perfect ingredients for Christmas Day.

Christmas Eve 4 Christmas morning 2 Christmas morning 3 Christmas morning 4

Christmas morning 5

Christmas morning 6

Christmas morning

2017 really was the most amazing year. It was the year my dream of becoming a mother, of having a daughter of my own, came true .

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