Know Your Normal | Elizabeth’s Boobs & Babies

Know Your Normal | Elizabeth’s Boobs & Babies

As you might already know, I run an online baby shop and I was first introduced to Elizabeth by my friend Jennie while she was pregnant with her rainbow baby. Elizabeth is the CEO of a charity called Kicks Count (formerly known as Count the Kicks) – a charity dedicated to raising the awareness of the importance in monitoring baby’s movements throughout pregnancy and Jennie thought our two ventures would make a good fit. Turns out they did and ever since, through my company and some volunteering I am so happy to have been able to support a charity, and a person who saves so many lives every single day.

In 2010, Elizabeth suffered the tragic loss of her son, Toby, who was stillborn due to an abnormality in her placenta which led to him becoming severely anemic. Wanting to do something to prevent other pregnant women from going through what she had, Elizabeth discovered Count the Kicks and the work they were doing to make sure Mums to be were knew the facts from the fiction when it comes to monitoring Baby’s movements.

Fast forward a few years and Elizabeth is now a Mum to three children, Angel Baby Toby, and her two rainbow children here on earth.

Elizabeth & the rest of the team at Kicks Count work tirelessly to make sure pregnant women know their baby’s normal pattern of movement and report any changes to their midwife or healthcare professional.elizabeth-leaflets-810x1011

And just when you thought her ‘story’ was complete, her tale had been told, life has gone and thrown a spanner in the works. Last week, Elizabeth was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Breast Cancer and is about to undergo a series of treatment and show cancer that she means business when it comes to kicking it’s butt. Since her diagnosis, Elizabeth has been in touch with coppafeel  who are dedicated to encouraging women to know their boobs and report any changes they notice. When I heard that she has set herself a fundraising target of £17914 to help make sure that both charities can continue the amazing work they do in encouraging women to #KnowYourNormal, I got in touch to see if there was anything I could do to help.

We’ve put our heads together to ensure the message is heard loud and clear: If you notice a change in your body, be it in your boobs, your baby’s movements, or anything else out of the ordinary, seek medical advice. 

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You can find out more about our #KnowYourNormal campaign here and if you would like to join the movement, you can get in touch with me at the links below – just make sure you use the hashtag!

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2 thoughts on “Know Your Normal | Elizabeth’s Boobs & Babies”

  • Two incredibly important messages. And she sounds like an incredibly strong woman. I wish her every good wish for her treatment.

    I wish that I had known about Count the Kicks during each of my pregnancies, it is like a minefield trying to work out how many kicks or movements are normal. I would panic if I didn’t think there was enough.

    I wish you all the best with your fundraising. I don’t have much of a following yet, but I will share this post on my page to try to help raise awareness xx

  • We need more Elizabeths to encourage and power other women. I am confident she will overcome this challenge and in turn inspire other women all over again with her great story. I will definitely like to join this movement and thank you for sharing such as inspiring post.

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