Pink Parcel July Edition | What’s in the Box?

Pink Parcel July Edition | What’s in the Box?

I first discovered Pink Parcel back in April last year and was so impressed with the concept, I signed myself & my sister up for the subscription.  At the time they were working on a campaign to encourage women to be more open about their periods and share their first ever period experience. Inkeeping with the current theme of the blog alongside the Know Your Normal Campaign, I thought I would share the contents of this months box with you. It seems to me, as Pink Parcel grows the contents of their boxes just gets better and better.

W H A T ‘ S  I N  T H E  B O X ?

In each box, you receive three smaller boxes and a drawstring bag labelled with “for you”, “for later”, “for night” and “for now”. The latter three contain your sanitary products. In total I received 20 always sanitary towels (5 of those were for night time) and 5 panty liners for those days leading up to and after your period. At the time of order, you can state your preference for tampons or sanitary towels or a mix, as well as choose the brand of sanitary products. I really love the little drawstring pouch you get as it’s so easy to just pop into your handbag discreetly. You get one of these in every box which is perfect for those of you like me who change their handbags daily, I can literally put one in every day bag I own and never be caught out without a towel or a tampon.Pink Parcel 13

T H E  V I N T A G E  C O S M E T I C  C O M P A N Y  R O S E  G O L D  T W E E Z E R S | Even before I’d taken them out of the box I knew I was going to love these! The packaging they come in is just so pretty with it’s floral design and I was almost reluctant to take them out of the box. The tweezers themselves are well made and they don’t seem to show any signs of losing their ‘spring’ or alignment. Plus I am a sucker for anything rose gold so these were always going to be a winner. I couldn’t seem to find these on their website, so I am guessing they’re a new addition to their range that’s not yet been put on sale. The other tweezers they have on their website though are on sale for around £8.00 which I think is a really good price for the quality you get.

Pink Parcel 9

B E L L A  P I E R R E  G E L  E Y E L I N E R | I’ve only used it once so far but I LOVE this eyeliner. Unlike my other favourite eye pencils, it’s creamy upon application and gives awesome definition. The pigmentation is amazing and it’s long lasting as well as waterproof. Their is an online video tutorial on how to create the perfect cut crease with it too. I’m so impressed with this in ebony, I am going to order it in chocolate. It does have a £20.00 price tag, but again for the pure quality of the product I’d totally recommend it.

Pink Parcel 11

J E L L Y  P O N G  P O N G  S U P E R C H A R G E D S U P E R  I N T E N S E  E Y E S H A D O W  D U O | I was excited to receive this. I’ve heard of Jelly Pong Pong before, but never actually tried out any of their products. This black and gold duo is highly pigmented and promises extreme long wear so ideal for an all day/night event. It’s vegan and hypoallergenic too. For the size of it, it’s £17.95 price tag does seem a little stretched, but I’m excited to try it out a bit more before I decide whether it’s worth it or not.

Pink Parcel 10

F R E E M A N  B E A U T Y  B A R E  F O O T  F O O T  C R E A M | I often use Freeman Beauty’s face masks and love them but this stuff is to die for. As you might have seen on social media, I’m recovering from surgery and yesterday I gave myself a bit of a pamper session to cheer myself up. The lavender and mint cream smells divine and is soothing on your feet. I can imagine this would be blissful after a day at work in heels. The sachets are £1.50 each but they also do a 150ml tube for £4.25 so I’ve already snapped up one of those. (This being on bed rest lark is proving quite damaging to my bank balance!)

P A T I S S E R I E  D E  B A I N  H A N D  C R E A M | I’m a bit of a hand cream snob, I stick to my trusty Vitamin E cream from The Body Shop normally, but this little 50ml tube from Patisserie de Bain is perfect for popping in your handbag. The scent, sweet as cherry pie, is quite strong and I’m not really a fan of artificial cherry scents, but I imagine that the strawberry or cranberry versions they do would probably be more to my taste. The cream itself is moisturizing and doesn’t leave that horrid greasy texture to your hands that some other brands do and for just £3.99 I think it’s a bit of a bargain!

Pink Parcel 4

L O T T I E  L O N D O N  N A I L  P O L I S H | You can’t beat a nude nail polish, especially when the colour is called Blogger Babe. This polish is fab on application, and though it doesn’t appear to be very thick, you only need one coat for full coverage. It dries super quick too and is available from superdrug for £5.99 a bottle.

Pink Parcel 3

As well as all of the above, I also received a little Pink Parcel nail file (pictured above), a packet of Leibniz biscuits which I ate as soon as I found them, a Naked Wine voucher, a sachet of La Via Del Te and a packet of Fab Little Bags which I want to tell you about in more detail in a future post. Pink Parcel 6

Overall I really loved this box and am likely going to use every single thing inside. For just £10.50, I received £60+ worth of products, plus the added convenience of not having to remember to pick up sanitary products in my next shop, this Pink Parcel subscription box is well worth the money!

Pink Parcel have named the Know Your Normal campaign as their official campaign of the year and made our Calendar Photo shoot possible by providing us with the funds to pay the fab make up & photographic team. 

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