DIY Peter Rabbit Birthday Cake Hack

DIY Peter Rabbit Birthday Cake Hack

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So after the response I had last month when I shared my transformation of this Tesco Unicorn birthday cake into a DIY Dinosaur cake I decided to try and share a different cake back each month throughout 2020. With William turning one this month & is throwing him a Peter Rabbit party I decided to brave doing the cake myself.

After scrolling through Pinterest for inspiration I decided I definitely wanted to create a two tiered cake. I’d seen the sort of style I was going to aim for.

I purchased two celebration cakes from Tesco, Their Star cake and their Celebration cake. Together they cost less than £15. I started by removing ribbons and then the toppers with a butter knife. 

I split a pot of Tesco vanilla frosting into two and mixed in some green food colouring into one and some blue into the other. Using a spatula and a ‘side scraper’ I spread the frosting across and around each of the cakes. I’m by no means pro so I wasn’t really aiming for a perfect finish, more ‘rustic’ if that’s the word.

I then used some cut artificial flowers and dotted them around the edge of the larger, green one, which annoyingly fell off on the way to the actual party, but they looked great to start with. I added some carrot sugar decorations on the top and piped some of the left over green frosting around them to look like grass. I bought this cute little (affiliate link) Peter Rabbit topper too.

I ran out of time to start with so had to pause the decoration for a couple of hours but I knew I wasn’t happy with it just yet. We bought William this (Affiliate Link) Peter Rabbit play set for his birthday and it comes with some little wooden cabbages and a wooden watering can which were perfect additions!

My friend made a personalised bunting cake topper too which just made the perfect finishing touch! We dressed the cake with some of the other items from the play set at the party as I forgot the cake stand! But all in all, I was very pleased with my second cake hack and it was super easy too.

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