Mr Lee’s Noodles – Top Nosh for New Parents

Mr Lee’s Noodles – Top Nosh for New Parents

As you know, we’re just days away from the arrival of our first little one and our lives are about to get a little bit (very) busy. Throughout maternity leave so far, I have spent time preparing healthy home cooked meals ready for freezing so that in those early days neither of us have to spend very much time at all slaving away in the kitchen and we’ll still be able to get the all important nutrients we’ll need to make it through the zombie baby daze.  For when we literally only have a few seconds to grab something to eat while we’re juggling dirty nappies, formula making, baby jiggling alongside all the other household chores that make up the day, heating up a whole bolognese might not be entirely practical!

A  few weeks ago we were sent a selection of Mr Lee’s Noodles to try. Available in six flavours varying in spice & heat, (Hong Kong Street Beef, Shaolin Monk Vegetables, Dragon Fire Mushrooms, Warrior Fighting Shimp, Tai Chi Chicken &  Penang Chicken Curry Laksa)  they are 100% gluten free and promise to be low in salt, sugar and saturated fats. Also included in the selection box was a pair or chopsticks & a handy carry bag for lunch on the go. Mr Lees Noodles

Mr Lees Noodles 2

Unlike other instant noodles, the ingredients used to make up each pot are freezedried rather than dehydrated meaning that it keeps hold of all of that lovely goodness without compromising on flavour. Mr Lees Noodles 3

Perfect for new parents making their way through the Zombie haze of the newborn days, they are ready to eat in minutes and packed full of the nutrients you need to get you through ’til dinner time.

You can buy Mr Lee’s Noodles directly from their website here for £17.94 per pack of 6 with free shipping.

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