5 Room on the Broom Inspired Snack Ideas

5 Room on the Broom Inspired Snack Ideas

We are huge fans of Julia Donaldson tales here and Florence’s absolute favourite book is Room on the Broom. As we enter the season of magic and with Hallowe’en coming up I’m busy planning a host of spooky toddler friendly activities to keep Florence & William entertained  throughout the next few weeks.

Today I’m sharing some really fun Room on the Broom inspired snack ideas which I think would be perfect additions to your Hallowe’en feast! What’s more they are mostly healthy and eaten together make up 3 of your toddler’s 5 – a  – day.

As well as cute snacks they could each be combined as a meal or even be served up as party food – if you’re planning a Hallowee’en do I’ve no doubt these will go down a treat with your younger guests!

Each of the five super simple treats represent a different character in the film — aside from the witch herself so if anyone has any ideas on how to serve witch & chips I’d be really excited to hear them! And of course, not forgetting the all important broom!

The witch’s broom stick

This is pretty much as simple as it gets.  I just used a cheese string and peeled back sections about a third of the way down to make a broom end.

The Cat

Peel & Half a satsuma, draw on some green eyes within writing icing, add a pink mini marshmallow for a nose and some little yellow cheese triangles for ears. I totally forgot them, but you could add whiskers too!

The Dog

Oh, this was my favourite one to make! Probably because out of all of them it’s the one I considered more of a treat. I placed giant chocolate buttons on a scotch pancake to make the dog’s spots. Blueberry eyes & a marshmallow nose. 

The Bird

This could not be more simple – take a slice of cucumber, place a blueberry on top for the eye and a little triangle of cheese for the beak.

and the Frog

For the frog, Half & core an apple and place flat side down on a plate. Using cream cheese stick two cucumber half slices on top for eyes, blueberries for pupils & a ham tongue. Easy peasy.

Not only were these really fun and surprising quick to make, Florence absolutely loved them too. We read the Room on the Broom story while she ate and then made a broomstick from a wrapping paper tube. I love theming her food to coincide with our play and am really looking forward to a month of spooky snacks!



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