31 Dinner Ideas for Families – A Monthly Meal plan

31 Dinner Ideas for Families – A Monthly Meal plan

Our budget is really tight this month what with Christmas just happening and S going from weekly to monthly pay in his new job so I’ve been really focussed on trying to make sure we are as efficient with our money over the next month as possible and finding ways to make what we do have go that little bit further. My main concerns were making sure the bills were all paid and that we could put food on the table. With the bills taken care of, my attention turned to the grocery shop and making a plan to see us through the month.

I always find that shopping for two weeks at a time tends to work out more cost effective in the long run. I’ve taken it a little further this month though, and stretched it out to make a whole months worth of meals.

I actually really enjoyed the planning process. We all sat round one evening and offered up suggestions for things we might like and it’s given me so much more inspiration for dinner ideas. Plus, having over 30 different dinners already listed and allotted to certain days has taken away the whole having to decide what we’re going to have each night and turning to the same old thing because it’s easy and you know it’ll get eaten.

Usually, my weeks shopping bill for 5-7 of us comes in at around £120. This time, it came in at just under £300. For a whole month worth of meals.

If you’re looking to do something similar or just after some different dinner ideas for your family I’ve popped our meals for the month in a list below!

Wednesday: Roast Chicken, roast potatoes and vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, carrots).

Thursday: Chicken Fajitas (using leftover chicken) with rice. Plain chicken, veg & ricefor the children.

Friday: Scrambled Eggs on toast

Saturday: Picky Picnic Tea – sausage / cheese rolls, chicken nuggets, sweet potato wedges, crudités

Sunday: Birthday Dinner out using taste card 2 for 1

Monday: Chilli Con Carne with rice, garlic bread / Oven baked cod with rice and veg

Tuesday: Beef / Chicken burgers, homemade ‘slimming world’ chips & salad

Wednesday: Ham, Egg & Chips with baked beans, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms / V without the Ham

Thursday: Pizza night!

Friday: Cottage Pie / Fish Pie, carrots, peas & brocolli

Saturday: Tuna Pasta Bake

Sunday: Roast Chicken

Monday: Spaghetti / Vegetable Bolognese (My Recipe here)

Tuesday: Leek & Potato Soup & Crusty Rolls

Wednesday: Chicken / Cheese & onion Pie & Mash with vegetables and gravy

Thursday: Chicken Paella

Friday: Burritos

Saturday: Salmon, tinned Potatoes & Veg

Sunday: Roast Beef

Monday: Chicken Curry

Tuesday: Beef Stew & Dumplings

Wednesday: chicken and broccoli pasta bake

Thursday: Jacket Potatoes with Cheese & Beans

Friday: Fish, Chips, Peas and grilled tomatoes

Saturday: Tacos & homemade wedges with salad

Sunday: Peri peri chicken, sweet potato mash & homemade coleslaw

Monday: Sausage & Mash

Tuesday: Breakfast for tea – a Full English!

Wednesday: Chicken Kiev’s, boiled potatoes, peas & brocolli

Thursday: Easy Cheesy Pasta

Friday: Vegetable Stirfry

I’ll be sharing some recipes for some of these easy family meals over the next month and will come back and add links to them as I go. 

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12 thoughts on “31 Dinner Ideas for Families – A Monthly Meal plan”

  • I have always wondered how much things cost for bigger families. I usually try and make a big shop last a month and that big shop will come to £100, thats for me and my little one. I don’t have a massive appetite and quite happily will eat something simple like a jacket potato for tea so that often saves me money. I do love Stews, that is something I should try make more of.

  • This sounds like such a good idea, I will definitely notice the difference after this week, when the two eldest are back at university, the seven of them have eaten me out of house and home for the last month! I would love to give this a try and actually plan an entire month as my least favourite job each day is deciding what to have for dinner, so this would get rid of that problem!

  • I can only plan a few days in advance as due to living at home we have no freezer space and limited fridge space for our stuff. When we move I can’t wait to be able to meal plan better and store food in advance x

  • Aaah, i need to cook more. I don’t know how people manage to cook for an entire family, I can’t even cook for just myself

  • Wow, now that’s organised. I have been meaning to write a weekly meal plan but never gotten round to it. Tempted to just use yours and make my life easier.

  • I love this, though I live alone, I do love meal planning and not only does it save time it does save money too and I don’t waste food that way.

  • We have fallen into a lot of bad habits over the last couple of months, and although I do plan the kids teas, as we eat later there has been a lot of junk food. Really need to start planning what we are eating a little more so that we can make some healthier food choices x

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