Mama & Baby Style #1 – Think Pink

Mama & Baby Style #1 – Think Pink

As I neared the end of my pregnancy, it suddenly dawned on me that soon enough, I’d be able to wear normal clothes again without having to negotiate a big rock solid bump that often resembled a giant boiled egg as even my most comfortable maternity jeans became too small to cover it. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely loved dressing my bump – H&M, NewLook & Boohoo were my go to shops throughout my pregnancy and as my belly begins to deflate I have enjoyed revisiting some of my early maternity outfit essentials. No piece of clothing will ever be as comfortable as maternity leggings. EVER. However the time has come to find a new style, to learn how to dress this newly morphed bumpless, but slightly wobbly Mum body of mine and actually, it’s been quite a fun process. Along side finding a style for myself, I absolutely LOVE picking out outfits for Florence and so inspired by Romeca & Sarah I have decided to start a Mama & Baby style series on the blog where I will post our favourite outfits of the week.

Florence was always going to be a little fashionista, let’s face it. I went a bit bonkers with some mammoth baby fashion hauls while I was pregnant and she has a wardrobe that would make any girl swoon. Poor Sean has had to move all of  his clothes into the airing cupboard as Florence has taken over his wardrobe!

This adorable spotty romper from Matalan is just the cutest and perfect for the hotter summer days as it’s made from super lightweight cotton fabric. So far, I am really impressed with Matalan for their baby clothing and I’ve a feeling they will be featuring a lot in our little style series – at £8.00 this little romper was a complete bargain. It was a bit cooler this weekend (thank goodness!) and so we teamed it with a white long sleeved bodysuit for our family lunch date this weekend. To keep her head protected from the sunshine while we were out & about, she wore this adorable little sun hat from Boots Mini Club.Mama & Baby Style #7
Mama & Baby Style #

Mama & Baby Style #8

A couple of days before Florence was born, we headed to Lakeside for the ultimate Primark haul to pick up some clothed that would fit me after birth. I opted mostly for size 14s as my pre pregnancy size was a 12 and I didn’t want to feel rushed to lose the baby weight – comfort and confidence is key as a new Mama when it comes to clothes.Mama & Baby Style #9

This pink dungaree dress was only £13 and I’ve worn it at least once a week post pregnancy. It’s really comfortable and easy to style and this weekend I paired it with a long sleeved H&M T-shirt and some white espadrilles from Primark. I especially love the zip at the front as well as the pockets which are huge and perfect for carrying  all sorts. Mama & Baby Style #4

Mama & Baby Style #6 Accessories wise, I wore the Isla Blossom teething necklace from Mama & Belle. The pastel colours compliment this outfit so well and Florence loves fiddling with it while I feed her. When it comes to the bag, I wore the grey rucksack changing bag from Dolls & Trucks which I reviewed here.

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3 thoughts on “Mama & Baby Style #1 – Think Pink”

  • Love that you’re going to be a regular on #whatmamaworemonday whoop! You look amazing lovely and a little Florence is such a cutie! See you next week xx

  • You both look beautiful, I never would have guessed your dress was from Primark. Florence’s romper is so cute, polkadots are always adorable on a baby outfit. Thank you for sharing with #WMKWW x

  • Just look at you two absolute beauties!!! You look so happy lovey and have taken to motherhood so naturally. Loving the Pink little romper and your dress – looks great. Hope you’re having a good week petal and thanks for linking up with #WMKWW :) x

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