Refreshing my Autumn Wardrobe with Debenhams Maternity Range

Refreshing my Autumn Wardrobe with Debenhams Maternity Range

I’ll be completely honest, I have found myself in a bit of a slump when it comes to fashion this pregnancy. I loved dressing my bump last time around but I’ve really lost my confidence this time and so I tend to just opt for the same old outfits. When Debenhams got in touch about their Autumn wardrobe refresh campaign, I decided enough was enough, it was time to ditch the baggy tops & slightly sagging maternity leggings and step out of my comfort zone a bit. I’d never even thought about shopping the Debenhams maternity range so I was quite intrigued as to what their range would offer. I was fully expecting to find the same old, slightly frumpy, stretchy fabric cliche maternity wear but I was pleasantly suprised to find just how refreshing & diverse the range is.

The first item that really caught my eye was this Red Herring Maternity Leopard print dress. Now, I am not a regular leopard print wearer as I find it really hard to wear it without feeling like Kat Slater, but as it’s so on trend at the moment I thought I would go for it. When it arrived I was really excited to try it on and see how it looked. On first impressions, it worried me if I am completely honest. It was incredibly low cut and as I am not exactly lacking in the bottom department the shape and pattern really made my behind look enormous and definitely nothing like the woman wearing it online.  I think this is something a lot of brands could learn from — use actually pregnant models!!   Determined not to be put off, I turned to my friend and fashion guru Mama, Renee for some advice on how to style it and not feel like a member of the Slater Clan/ an incredibly overweight leopard. She showed me a whole bunch of different ways to wear it and I felt a lot more confident

Keeping with dresses I also opted for a slightly safer, more ‘me’, tea dress. This has been a lot easier to style and I’ve already got so much wear out of it. It looks great paired with thick tights and heeled boots but can also easily flats too. I  / sandals when it’s a bit warmer as it’s a good length.It has pretty loop tie details on the arms and cinches in above the bump.  The shape is really flattering and not anything like the cliche styles I mentioned earlier on. The pretty floral print just tops this dress off for me!

I chose some black skinny maternity jeans but had to send them back as I needed to size up so I am just waiting on those to arrive. I lived in black skinny jeans last time and while they’re super comfortable the ones I had before are so worn they have holes in! I am really looking forward to getting back into black skinnies and teaming them with all the cosy Autumn knits when the right size arrive.

Having not been so heavily pregnant throughout A/W with Florence I only had a couple of quite light-wearing coats so I was drawn to this Khaki Luxe Parka as it looked so so warm and snug and who doesn’t love a Parka? I absolutely love this coat, it’s as cosy as it looked online and unbelievably comfortable. I cannot wait for the temperatures to drop a bit more so I can wear it every time we go out!

Then there’s the bag. Oh my goodness, the bag!  Now that Florence is that bit older we can risk going out with just a couple of nappies and a pack of wipes for short trips which means I can leave the house without lugging everything but the kitchen sink in a big changing bag so being able to choose a regular sized, actually leather designer handbag was such a luxury! This Jasper Conran rel=”nofollow” bag is big enough to hold all of the essentials for a Mama & toddler trip out while being perfect for a heading out for dinner with the girls or hitting the shops too.

And then, when the day is done is there anything better than slipping into fresh pjs and cosying up as night falls? I have been finding it quite difficult to find something comfortable to wear to bed and so I thought I would test out something from their nightwear. I opted for this checked night shirt-dress because the colours just screamed A/W and I liked the idea of not having to wear anything with a waistband to sleep in. I’ve worn this almost every day since it arrived – it is SO comfy and made from an almost furry linen (is that such a thing?). It’s roomy so there’s loads of space for my bump to grow too. My only criticism of this is that the buttons seem a bit small for the holes so they do come undone quite a lot which is a bit annoying!

All in all, I am really impressed with the variety and quality of all of the clothes I bought from Debenhams maternity and will definitely be keeping an eye out for new additions to their range as my pregnancy progresses.

*I was sent a gift voucher to spend at rel=”nofollow” in order to refresh my wardrobe and share my haul here on my blog. All words and opinions are my own.

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